(almost) daily levitation



I’ve long been fas­ci­nat­ed by Nat­su­mi Hayashi’s lev­i­ta­tion pho­tos. I have recur­ring dreams about float­ing around in air, and her pho­tos just reminds me so much of those dreams. 

It’s pret­ty good exer­cise, I think, jump­ing repeat­ed­ly to get a good pho­to. Giv­en that I don’t real­ly exer­cise at all, I try to not to strain myself by tak­ing just one pic­ture a day. You can see my very first attempt in this post. The pic­ture above is a sec­ond attempt. Mike joined in the fun too :D



My sub­se­quent attempts over the week. Loung­ing around on my day off…



Get­ting some yarn…



My best attempt yet! So proud of this one. Love the lit­tle clouds in the cor­ner, and Flash Point on TV!



My most recent attempt. Tea time (please excuse the bag of garbage wait­ing to go out…).



I got a lot of inspi­ra­tions from this pho­tog­ra­ph­er, a fel­low Cana­di­an from Van­cou­ver! :D 

Also, check out this inter­view of Nat­su­mi Hayashi on the New York Times blog! So many peo­ple in the com­ments also said that they have fly­ing dreams. What would Jung say about that…

Hop­ing to lev­i­tate out­doors on the grass when the snow melts!

Have a splen­did Sun­day, everyone!


Alright don’t wor­ry even if things end up a bit too heavy
We’ll all float on alright.
– Mod­est Mouse



5 thoughts on “(almost) daily levitation

  1. OH! I did­n’t even notice that you were lev­i­tat­ing when I saw that tea time one on FB! Just thought you were walk­ing nor­mal­ly. Now I see the shadow…and how much clos­er your head is to the top of the door­frame. Good job!!! :D

  2. Such a fun post!! Your pic­tures are so good!! I think Jung would say some­thing about the fly­ing as a sym­bol for want­i­ng to break free from con­straints and lim­i­ta­tions… but I think he would also say that what’s most impor­tant is each indi­vid­u­als’ inter­pre­ta­tions of their own dream based on what’s going on in their life at the moment.

    It was fun look­ing through the Flickr link and read­ing that inter­view too! I thought it was inter­est­ing how peo­ple asked that pho­tog­ra­ph­er if she ever fell while tak­ing her pho­tos, but nev­er asked her why she was doing it in the first place! Grown-ups nev­er ask the impor­tant ques­tions do they?

    Can’t wait to see your lev­i­ta­tions over green grass!!
    Kate :}

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