this week’s levitation


I’m really rather proud of this one.



Inspired by this quote:
“Drinking a cup of tea, I stop the war.” — Stephen Levine


Photo 2013-03-27 11 28 14 PM

Test shot, but I liked how it turned out.


Photo 2013-03-27 11 31 02 PM

Double levitation! Need more practice, but it was fun :D



In my parents’ backyard, enjoying one of the first warm days of spring.



Saying hi to my neighbours in the building across the street.


Float on! :D







6 thoughts on “this week’s levitation

  1. That first one is amazing! Do you have dance training? I was in a performing dance company for a while and when we did photo shoots, the jumps were always the hardest to time right. You do it so naturally. :)

  2. thanks erica! i’ve never trained in dancing and i don’t ever exercise, i suppose i’m getting better at jumping on cue and mike’s good at capturing the moment! :D

  3. You and Mike are getting so good at this! So fluid and effortless! You could put together a cool photo book of all these shots.

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