quick knits with stolen time

A few things with school and work got can­celled, so the first two weeks of the semes­ter weren’t as busy as I thought, and I sud­den­ly have time on my hands for a few quick knit­ting projects :D

Mike request­ed these to wear in his chilly office.

hobbit mitt 2I used this pat­tern. Knit­ted flat and seamed together.

hobbit mitt 1

And then I made myself this hat, knit­ted side­ways in garter stitch. 

sideways hat

Was being real­ly wool­ly that day, wear­ing a wool­ly hat and a wool­ly sweater.

I fol­lowed this pat­tern. It was fun to learn short rows! I decreased the num­ber of stitch­es because I used a much thick­er yarn (super bulky) and much larg­er nee­dles (10 mm) than called for, and I did­n’t do the knit TBL for the top and the brim.

Well, what­ev­er got can­celled most­ly got pushed to this week, so things will get busier, but hope­ful­ly I will still be able to sit down and knit for a while in the evening.

Have a won­der­ful week, everyone!




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  1. thank you, amy! i’ve dis­cov­ered that a slouch hat not only looks cool, but on extra cold days i can fold up the brim to make a dou­ble-lay­ered ear-warmer :D

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