holiday skirt

I made this sometimes in the fall, didn’t have a chance to wear it until the holidays :D

Photo 2014-12-27, 12 41 17 PM

The pattern was from this book. I added the button panel because I wasn’t sure the fabric would have enough stretch for the fitted waist opening to go over the hips. It turned out a bit big on me but I like that it looks woven. Here’s a closer look at my blue/light blue/brown colour pattern :)

Photo 2014-12-27, 11 37 30 AM

More posts on holiday crafting to come! Hope everyone has had a restful and joyous holiday season!



4 thoughts on “holiday skirt

  1. I totally love this skirt. Could you please describe the pattern? I like to make one for myself. Perfect for autumn ans winter.

  2. thanks Alexandra! the pattern is from a book called geek chic crochet (link in the blog post), i took it out from the library. i can’t describe or share the pattern because it’s not mine, but perhaps you can find the book at your local library or bookstore as well? thank you for visiting my blog!

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