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Photo 2016-02-25, 9 02 26 PM

There was an awe­some sale at Pho­to­jo­jo after the hol­i­days, so I bought this handy macro band for my phone! I’ve had it for a while, but just start­ed tak­ing pic­tures with it this week.

I bought a cou­ple of pairs of love­ly lucite ear­rings from Leeti Loven­dale on Etsy. The ear­rings in the pic­ture above are 5mm across. (there also appears to be a hair on my lens :S) (also, check out the shop! The lucite pieces used in their jew­el­ry-mak­ing have an inter­est­ing sto­ry :D)

We’ve got a bit of a snow storm here a cou­ple of days ago, and our win­dows were all frost­ed in the morning.

Photo 2016-03-02, 7 23 56 AM

Photo 2016-03-02, 7 24 15 AM

Photo 2016-03-02, 7 24 46 AM

I’m quite impressed with this sim­ple (and some­what sil­ly-look­ing) macro lens. Stay tuned for more macro pic­tures to come :D

Wish­ing every­one a hap­py weekend!


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  1. ces pho­tos du givre sur la vit­re sont superbes, on se croirait dans un décor de con­te de fée. ami­cales pensées de France.

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