adventures in paper marbling

I volunteered to make some bookmarks for my sister’s church fundraiser. And as I was looking for ideas to create cool effects on paper, a friend asked me to sign a birthday card she’s made for another friend, using a piece of paper that she marbled with shaving cream. I’ve seen this before but never thought of trying it. Until now! 

So I dashed to the dollar store for the shaving cream and the grocery store for food colouring, and pulled out the largest baking pan I had. I used a 140 lb. watercolour paper that I had on hand (cold press/smooth, as I read that toothy/textured paper doesn’t work well), and cut them into bookmark-size. I wanted to stamps some words on it, so I used masking tape as a resist, to tape off a section in the centre. I had no idea whether the dye will bleed through. We’ll see.

The first dip was MAGICAL!

When I saw this on other tutorials I used to think, how does the marbling not smear when you peel it off the shaving cream? But it doesn’t! I used a spatula to scrape off the excess cream.

Here’s a bunch of them I made! :D


This was so much fun, and clean up was a breeze. Also, it smells refreshing. Perfect for kids. Or adults who don’t like cleaning up. Who likes cleaning up anyway? So perfect for everyone, most likely :D I foresee making many more of these for other projects!

Happy weekend!


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