Oh gâteau!

Today I stumbled upon this lovely, lovely, lovely piece of crochet heaven, all full of cakes, all made for charities!

~Cake Sachets by Norma Lynn Hood~

Oh. My. Goodness. I understand that you might need a moment to take them all in. So I’ll pause…

Just look at the incredible details! (I’m particularly drawn to the carrot cake in the bottom right — the tiny carrot is just too adorable) And all the different kinds! AND! Instead of plain ol’ Polyfil, these cakes are stuffed with lavender sachets — pretty + functional = Brilliant! And the line-up of Fairy Cakes are just so, so cute I almost melted.

And yes, these rare treats are made and sold for charities, but the retail places where they’re sold are in San Francisco… which is kind of far from where I live :(

But the kind woman who runs the shop has also generously posted free patterns for some of her sweet creations, including a Twinkie and this Sundae Oh La La Cheesecake!

Oooh la la! I think I might make a cake or two, or cupcake, with that adorable tiny carrot on top! :D I happen to have a jar of lavender sitting on my shelf, my mom bought it for me from her trip to China. But maybe the carrot cake should be stuffed with cinnamon sticks…? Yay, projects!

So, anyway, if you have a moment check out Cake Sachets! :D They’re just so amazing and it’s an all-around great inspiration.

Have a sweet Sunday!