Adventures in resin

Hello there! Last week I went to the resin workshop at Wise Daughters Craft Market and it was totally fun! I carried home all these sparkly pieces and felt so rich :)

It is true that one could embed almost everything in resin. The flower pendant has those Nerds candy in it and also a valentine candy.

And these were the flowers I picked and pressed over Canada day weekend!

The instructor said to cover the flowers with Podge first before pouring resin over them, but I think I lathered on the Podge too liberally and they didn’t have enough time to dry before being forever sealed… so you can see blobs of Podge on the petals. I still have hope that it’s going to turn clear over time… just need to wait patiently…

But I was really thankful that the maple key one turned out perfectly :D I couldn’t attach a necklace backing on it because it’s clear, and I don’t have small enough drill bits, so I used an awl to poke a hole through the resin and made a loop with wire.

And it came with a BUG!!

The poor fellow probably fell in before the resin was set… Now forever immortalized.

Here are more fun ones… like a fish and a star fish…

… and one made with a bottle cap!

I actually didn’t make the one on the top left… It was a leftover background piece that the instructor made for us ahead of time. She asked if anyone wanted it at the end and I thought it would make a nice artsy-looking pendant.

Oooh, and last but not least, one that has a small bit of ground-covering type plant in it, and I was wearing it on the weekend.

It was tons and tons of fun and I’m so happy to finally get to use resin! Now I have to figure out where to get more of that stuff…

Happy Tuesday!

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