post no.100 and Saturday make-a-long!

Clamato and special guest knitted Celery Stalk are here to celebrate genuine mudpie’s 100th post! :D

Why clamato, you ask? Mike and I actually came up with the idea one evening walking home from the grocery store, having bought a jug of clamato juice. I was wondering what to make after Piña Colada, and Mike thought Clamato would be another excellent cocktail to crochet!

So, I have been wanting to crochet Clamato for a while… and for the 100th post I thought adding celery would form the number “100”, with Celery being 1 and Clamato being the two 0’s. They tried, but numbers aren’t their best suit, so they requested some Photoshop help.

how do we look now? more like 100?

(I didn’t make a vodka character, so they’re just a clamato, not a caesar.)

I made them yesterday while participating in the Make-a-Long hosted by Leethal. I participated in the first Make-a-Long back in spring, about the time when I first started genuine mudpie, so I thought participating in it again would be the perfect way to celebrate post no.100!

So! The morning of the Make-a-Long was pretty much spent trying to figure out how to make Clam. Clam is not as simple as he looks. Or maybe I just don’t know how to do this in an easier way. I found a lovely lilac and a grey that seemed perfect for a clam shell, and I wanted to make ridges on his shell with slip stitches, all going in one direction. That means all the rows had to be worked on the right side. It took a few tries to figure this out, but it all worked at the end :D So, at around 11am-ish, I had the top and the bottom of Clam finished.

This is the backside of the top shell. I had to carry the yarn across the piece a lot so it’s all thick with strands of yarn overlapping (good thing Clam is only about an inch wide). It actually kind of looks like the flesh inside a clam :P

I then quickly finished Tomato. After lunch Mike had a meeting so I decided to go with him and knit in a nearby park, because I don’t go out much these days and change of scenery is refreshing.

I decided to knit instead of crochet Celery Stalk because I realized that the edges of knitted pieces (stockinette stitch) tend to roll inward, and that’s just what  a celery stalk looks like! :D

Visited by one of many pigeons.

Then we went grocery shopping and bought clamato juice :D along with other grocery items. Mike kind of made-a-long by cooking meatballs a la Jamie Oliver.


And then I attached the magnets on Clamato and Celery, and here they are on the fridge!

Young Tomato and his signature lopsided smile.

Clam may seem like a cute and quiet creature…

… until you squeeze his cheeks and he lets out a scary laugh!


And our special guest, Celery in stockinette! He’s here to remind me that knitting is not as scary as I thought. Well, at least simple knitting anyway…

And then in the evening I worked on some fiesta granny hexagons for another project. I love the colour combination!

All in all I had a wonderful crafty day. I’m thankful for the Make-a-Long, and a big thank you for visiting me on genuine mudpie! Hopefully there will be hundreds more posts to come!

Have a great week everyone!

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