creature comforts

I walked home from the gro­cery store today in a whirl­wind of snow mixed with ice pel­lets. Spring is nowhere in sight at the moment. But these look cozy.

Per­fect for a win­ter road trip, you think? :D

Free cro­chet pup­pet scarf pat­tern by Red Heart Yarn.


I did­n’t real­ize that this was sup­posed to be a tooth pil­low. At first glance I thought it was a full-size pil­low that hides mon­ey, so that oth­ers (or the hider him­self, once he’s for­got­ten about the hid­ing) would find the mon­ey and be pleas­ant­ly sur­prised. I don’t know how I could miss that, when one of the pic­tures on the post clear­ly says “feed me teeth,” and instead my mind makes up its own weird sto­ries like that… But any­way, I still think it would look awe­some on the couch as a large, cud­dly pil­low (that hides mon­ey, or love notes :D).

Instruc­tion on The Long Thread.


I would very much like one of these heat­ed cud­dle bud­dies today, with a hot cup of tea. It’s like one of those heat packs filled with grains and herbs, except cuter.

Instruc­tion by Eccen­tri­cat on Instructa­bles.


I recent­ly stum­bled upon the idea of plarn (plas­tic bag yarn) and I’m so intrigued! I’ve cro­cheted with cut-up plas­tic bags before, I made snowflakes with the clear ones in the pro­duce aisle. It tore ter­ri­bly in the process and I nev­er tried it again. But I saw a bet­ter way to make plarn, and I think I may give it a try. We don’t get free plas­tic bags any­more in Toron­to (except those flim­sy ones in the pro­duce aisle), they’re 5 cents each, so we try to remem­ber to bring reusable bags when we go shop­ping. When we do buy plas­tic bags we reuse the them to line the trash cans. So I actu­al­ly don’t have a lot of plas­tic bags lying around in the house, and I’m prob­a­bly going to try mak­ing some small crea­tures that don’t require a lot of plarn. The Eco Bun­ny Boy here is both amaz­ing and inspiring.

Eco Bun­ny Boy by out­ofthe­frame on Etsy.


And I love this charm­ing owl book­mark, made with fused plas­tic bags (how-to here) and felt.

Found here.


Have a love­ly evening, everyone!

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  1. Oh, we have lots of plas­tic bags. The Chi­nese super­mar­ket (中興)doesn’t seem to care about the 5 cent plas­tic bag rule any­more o.O You can come and take some :D

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