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Favourite things Fri­day is back! I real­ly like the idea of the­me days on oth­er craft blogs, so when gen­uine mud­pie first start­ed I had favourite things Fri­day and point & shoot Wednes­day. Then I start­ed post­ing favourite things on oth­er days because I couldn’t keep up with the sched­ule, and I post point & shoots mul­ti­ple times a week because I take pic­tures so often. But since gen­uine mud­pie is start­ing a new chap­ter (and a new site!) I’m going to bring back favourite things Fri­days, just to make things a bit more order­ly. (You can see my past posts of favourite things here, if you like.)

So! First up are the­se glow­ing felt hous­es. I’d like a whole vil­lage of them under my Christ­mas tree :D

How-to on Poop­scape.


Crepe paper rolls are $1 for 4 at my local dol­lar store — and now you can turn them into a love­ly bou­quet.

Tuto­ri­al on Blush & Bash­ful.


I saw the­se over on Whim­si­cal Kit­ty, and thought I must pass it on to you — Totoros! Made of socks! I’m sooo going to make the tiny white one!

Toto­ri­al by Ban­Dit­te on Cut Out & Keep.


I once took a pup­petry / mask-mak­ing class and made a mask with bris­tol boards, kind of like the­se. But the­se are more 3-dimen­sion­al and much more awe­some than the one I made! I made a Jade Rab­bit mask (because we used the mask for sto­ry­telling in the class) and I had to throw it out after a year because it was falling apart and col­lect­ing dust. It would be cool to remake my Jade Rab­bit mask with the tem­plate from this very cool tuto­ri­al!

Tuto­ri­al by Rice­ba­bies on WhipUp.


I’d like to take this bas­ket on my East­er egg hunt. It’s like a nest with a han­dle. I’m going to have to bring Chuck & Robin in it. And guess what? It’s made from a cere­al box and yarn bits! That’s super awe­some because I can so eas­i­ly find both in my house :D Wouldn’t this also make a love­ly gift bas­ket? Or bed for a stuffed ani­mal? It’s a bas­ket with end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties!

How-to on Michele Made Me.


I love eggs. But I love cake eggs more.

Instruc­tions on Dab­bled.


Mochi­mochi Land’s Tiny Things Col­lec­tion 5 is out! I’ve been so look­ing for­ward to this, not only because I like to make tiny plush, but also because the dough­nut in it looks so much like that endear­ing dough­nut char­ac­ter in the Excel gum com­mer­cial (Mike and I think this one was shot in our neigh­bour­hood — Look, it’s Dupont Sta­tion!). Here’s the dough­nut char­ac­ter from TV

And here’s the dough­nut from Mochi­mochi Land!

I don’t know if I have the knit­ting skills to make it but I’m deter­mined!

As if the tiny things are not cute enough, check out this tea robot.

Can’t make this one, but one could get it over at Gen­er­al Robots. (via Swiss­miss)


That’s all for now! More favourite things and crafty inspi­ra­tions to come next Fri­day! Have a hap­py week­end, every­one!

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