Al McFluffytail

I decid­ed to make a white squir­rel for the plush swap I men­tioned yes­ter­day. I heard that Al McFluffy­tail the white squir­rel has safe­ty arrived in the UK! :D 

Al is a dis­tant (and cro­cheted) cousin of the leg­endary white squir­rel, Whitey McRedeyes of Trin­i­ty Bell­woods Park in Toron­to. Since the theme of the swap is “stars and stripes” (to cel­e­brate Inde­pen­dence Day), Al has a stripy back­pack. And like it is with all good Cana­di­an back­pack­ers, his back­pack proud­ly bears a Cana­di­an flag :D

Inside his stripy back­pack, spilling its content…

Star­dust con­fet­ti! :D

Before send­ing him off at the post office, we did a pho­to shoot in front of my for­est backdrop.

Liv­ing up to his fam­i­ly name — his tail is extra fluffy! :D

He dic­tat­ed the note for his new friend at his new home…

I was going to send him off in a tea tin, but then decid­ed against it, because of a ter­ri­ble men­tal image of the tea tin rolling away off the post truck and Al being lost on the road for­ev­er… >_< so in the end I used a box wrapped in an enve­lope. But I think Al rid­ing in a tea tin makes a good photo.

I’m so hap­py that Al has gone too a good home now. But we’ll still be think­ing about you always, Al McFluffytail! 


11 thoughts on “Al McFluffytail

  1. Al Mcfluffy­tail!!!!!!!! He’s going on an adven­ture! I love his back­pack with the cana­di­an flag!
    I hope he sends postcards!!


  2. Oh, Al, I’m in love! You are just the cutest ever! I’m sure you will be very hap­py in your new home; they are very, very lucky to have you!

  3. Al is very hap­py perched next to my PC, he near­ly just fell into my cup­pa when he saw him­self on screen!! 

    My girls actu­al­ly think he’s some kin­da star with all this inter­net cov­er­age, they love him to bits but of course are only allowed super­vised cud­dle time cause I know if I turned my back I’d nev­er see him again!! x

  4. haha­ha, please send my love to Al! we miss him but we’re hap­py that he’s hav­ing a great time and being so loved :D we’ve named the plush you sent me Rosie Cone, because of her rosy cheeks :D

  5. Hi! I’m Mil­i­ca from Ser­bia, Europe, nice to meet you!You are very cre­ative and you have inter­est­ing and beau­ti­ful works!!! Al McFluffy­tail is great!!! Do you have pat­tern for it?

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