Al McFluffytail

I decided to make a white squirrel for the plush swap I mentioned yesterday. I heard that Al McFluffytail the white squirrel has safety arrived in the UK! :D 

Al is a distant (and crocheted) cousin of the legendary white squirrel, Whitey McRedeyes of Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto. Since the theme of the swap is “stars and stripes” (to celebrate Independence Day), Al has a stripy backpack. And like it is with all good Canadian backpackers, his backpack proudly bears a Canadian flag :D

Inside his stripy backpack, spilling its content…

Stardust confetti! :D

Before sending him off at the post office, we did a photo shoot in front of my forest backdrop.

Living up to his family name — his tail is extra fluffy! :D

He dictated the note for his new friend at his new home…

I was going to send him off in a tea tin, but then decided against it, because of a terrible mental image of the tea tin rolling away off the post truck and Al being lost on the road forever… >_< so in the end I used a box wrapped in an envelope. But I think Al riding in a tea tin makes a good photo.

I’m so happy that Al has gone too a good home now. But we’ll still be thinking about you always, Al McFluffytail! 


11 thoughts on “Al McFluffytail

  1. Al Mcfluffytail!!!!!!!! He’s going on an adventure! I love his backpack with the canadian flag!
    I hope he sends postcards!!


  2. Oh, Al, I’m in love! You are just the cutest ever! I’m sure you will be very happy in your new home; they are very, very lucky to have you!

  3. Al is very happy perched next to my PC, he nearly just fell into my cuppa when he saw himself on screen!! 

    My girls actually think he’s some kinda star with all this internet coverage, they love him to bits but of course are only allowed supervised cuddle time cause I know if I turned my back I’d never see him again!! x

  4. hahaha, please send my love to Al! we miss him but we’re happy that he’s having a great time and being so loved :D we’ve named the plush you sent me Rosie Cone, because of her rosy cheeks :D

  5. Hi! I’m Milica from Serbia, Europe, nice to meet you!You are very creative and you have interesting and beautiful works!!! Al McFluffytail is great!!! Do you have pattern for it?

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