This was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest a while ago, drawing on leaf with a silver pen. I went and bought a silver pen soon after I saw that, and found a leaf to draw on. I’ve been carrying both in my backpack for the past few weeks but haven’t used them until yesterday.

Oak leaves are great for this because they have a kind of durable leathery texture, and preserve well without having to be pressed. 

It’s been really rainy these days, so I’m hoping for drier days to collect more leaves before they’re all fallen.

Thinking of a cozy squirrel nest with piles of leaves and acorns in it… Have a happy Thursday!



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  1. thank you Nancy! i’ve never used a silver sharpie before, but i imagine it will work fine as long as it as a soft tip. i kept poking holes in the leaf because the pen i used has a fine pointy tip, and because dried leaves are brittle. but if it is first sealed with mod podge then it would prevent the pen from damaging the leaf — thank you for the link!

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