holiday deliciousness

Was mak­ing won­ton for a get togeth­er the oth­er night. After all the meat fill­ing was used up there were five wrap­pers left. I remem­bered read­ing some­where once upon a time about this won­ton wrap­per crisps and have always want­ed to try mak­ing it, so I did :D


They were deli­cious :D The wrap­pers were brushed on both sides with melt­ed mar­garine, sprin­kled with sug­ar and cin­na­mon, and baked on a bak­ing sheet at 300°F until it’s gold­en brown… can’t tell how long it took because I was busy mak­ing noo­dles while it baked… I just checked periodically.

And then a very thought­ful friend brought home­made egg tart! :D One of my absolute favourites!


Have a sweet Thursday!