shop update! :D

I think I brought new things to the shop last week and I for­got to post about it!

I made anoth­er cac­tus. Because my friend, who is also the shop own­er, said that they’re eye-catch­ing :D

Cac­tus is also inspired by Kimya Daw­son’s Tree Hug­ger. 

Fruity marsh­mal­low line-up! (they’re magnets)

Mike stopped by the shop today and said the marsh­mal­lows have already been sold, woohoo! 

Hap­py sushi and oth­er treats! (Also mag­nets. Right now the oth­er treat is the dumpling, but I plan on adding more treats.)

I made these a while ago. Bob­by pins with fab­ric cov­ered but­tons. I made them with­out a fab­ric but­ton tool, because I don’t have one. 

This is what my cub­by looked like…


And it is inevitable that one would use the mon­ey earned from one’s hand­made things to buy hand­made things by oth­er arti­sans… Pret­ty hair clip, eh? Made by my cub­by neigh­bour :D


Have a fab­u­lous week­end, everyone!




9 thoughts on “shop update! :D

  1. Hi,
    I love your cub­by, you have a great imag­i­na­tion and flair. Keep up the good work and your blog, I fol­low it with interest.
    Slan, from a very mis­er­able sum­mer in Dublin, Ireland.

  2. thank you so much for vis­it­ing, Sheila! :D i hope some­thing won­der­ful will come your way to bright­en up your summer!

  3. thank you so much, meli­na! the mush­room teacup has been wait­ing for a while at the shop, so your com­ment is very encour­ag­ing! :D

  4. Did any­one buy it yet? I might just have to con­tact you about pos­si­bly buy­ing one from you on commission…:D

  5. no it’s still there! i would hes­i­tate to ship the teacup because of how break­able it is… but i can def­i­nite­ly ship the mush­room plus the patch of grass! :D

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