this week’s awesome finds

Haven’t posted for a while! Doesn’t mean that I haven’t been making things though… I just can’t show you what I’ve been making until after December, because they’re Christmas gifts :D But here are a few awesome ideas that I’ve come across lately, gifts for others and for ourselves, perhaps :D

Paper punched shapes from leaves — such awesome colours! From Grow Creative.


Snowflake ornaments made with dusty miller leaves. I kept noticing that a house down the street has a large bush of dusty miller. Hmm… From Michele Made Me.


This makes me grin :D Spotted on The Dapper Toad, where you will find the link to the pattern for sale on Ravelry.


I just imagine making this out of soft fleece and wrapping myself in it while watching TV. That’d be hilarious. From Etsy.


I especially love the ones with the scarves! :D By Raveler Stripespolkadots.


Really intrigued by this wispy lace pattern. I think I might be able to tackle this, realized that knitting lace is not as difficult as it looks. Also from Ravelry — a free pattern by Samantha Edgerly.


Pretty self-explanatory. Pretty result. Think I’m going to give this a try soon. Spotted on Pinterest.


Also looks like a bird, doesn’t it? From Crafts for Lily.


Made from those fleece blankets from the dollar store! :D From Dollar Store Crafts.


And finally — a crocheted Marcel the Shell with Shoes on! :D If you haven’t seen the video (part 1, part 2), I highly recommend it! Crochet pattern from The Hook Brings You Back.


Happy crafting! :D



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10 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. SO many things I loved in this post! :)
    The little octopus is to die for, I wish I could knit :P
    And the Yoda hat? Eeeeek! I LOVE it!
    Blessings <3

  2. Hi Trish,
    I have finished my doll for my granddaughter, but I wouldn’t put up photo till after she gets it, in case her Mammy sees it.
    I love the leave splatter pictures, reminds me of stuff I did in highschool, very simple but effective.
    Thanks for all your finds.

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