giraffe giveaway! :D

giraffe 1


 Giraffe the neck warmer is one of the things that I was letting go of from my last post.

I made it for a craft show a few years back, it’s been sitting in my “potential sale items” bin since then. 

giraffe 2


It’s crocheted with a fuzzy brown yarn like this and a soft yellow acrylic yarn, with two large white buttons for closure.

This is how it looks on a neck…

giraffe 3


Very warm. A customer who bought a similar neck warmer from me said it was good for bike-riding in cold weather.

So if you are interested in giving Giraffe the neck warmer a home, please leave a comment in this post before midnight on Friday February 1st. The winner will be selected using a random number generator and I will post the result on Saturday, February 2nd.

Friends and visitors from far and wide are welcome to enter, I will send it anywhere :D


Have a sweet weekend! 




11 thoughts on “giraffe giveaway! :D

  1. I would love to win; I just had my hair cut short today so my neck is in need of a warmer.

  2. I just cut all my long hair off(needed a change) so my neck is now seeing daylight!! and its winter here ‚very cold out there!! so I need some of these to cover it up to stay warm!! need to make myself some hats too for the ears and head…lol
    I would love to win this to show off to my friends and my online crocheters and fellow knitters!!BTW- I love getting your blog in my mail…keeps me smiling daily!!!!

  3. It looks different on, than flat in the picture. I love the name Giraffe for it too. It looks very stylish. :-)

  4. Ironically; I just took out your instructions for a similar one you made with varying sized yarn strands. You made that one with a large size hook (size J ‑I think). Put my name in the hat! ‑Marie

  5. I think your neck warmer is so cute and would look very nice worn here in the state of Washington in the cold and wind. I never seem to have time to make anything for myself so winning this would be very nice for me! ;o)

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