giraffe winner!

A gigan­tic thank-you to every­one who entered my sec­ond give­away! I’m super excit­ed to announce the winner…

This time I decid­ed to pick the win­ner in style by draw­ing num­bers out of a hat.

giraffe draw

And the win­ner is.….  the 8th com­menter in the post!

Con­grat­u­la­tions Jeanette!!! :D  I will con­tact you by email short­ly for your mail­ing address­es. And yes, I do ship inter­na­tion­al­ly. Giraffe the neck warmer is equal­ly excit­ed to have a new home!! 


Thank you to every­one for your support…

have a fan­tas­tic week and a very Hap­py Ground­hog day!

4 thoughts on “giraffe winner!

  1. Con­grats to Jeanette!!!I know I will keep putting my name in the hat as I nev­er win things so will keep trying!!lololol
    plus I just love your site Trish

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