a bird named joy

I was curi­ous about mak­ing sun catch­ers with white glue and beads, some­thing I saw in one of the blogs I fol­low. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Here the glue is set­ting. It took a long time…



I was wor­ried that it was going to stick to the mold, but it came out very eas­i­ly :D

joy 1


It’s now perch­ing on a small stone vase, it was a birth­day gift I received last year. It’s made from a glazier stone from Nova Sco­tia, one of my favourite places on earth!

joy 2


Watch­ing it sit­ting on the vase reminds me of a sto­ry that a very wise woman shared with me this week, The Moun­tain that Loved a Bird by Alice McLer­ran (and so won­der­ful­ly illus­trat­ed by Eric Car­le!).

In the sto­ry are a bar­ren moun­tain and a bird named Joy. It’s a beau­ti­ful sto­ry about sor­row, and how courage, love and hope can emerge from it. A syn­op­sis of the book can be read here. But the book is writ­ten in such a pro­found­ly mov­ing way, if you can get a hold of a copy I real­ly wish you can read it (if you haven’t read it already). 

Take care, everybody!


p.s. the let­ting go series is prov­ing to be a bit dif­fi­cult to keep up because of an extreme­ly busy cou­ple of weeks, and because it’s get­ting hard­er to find things to recy­cle or throw out when Mike is doing the same… so I’ve decid­ed to give it a rest for a while, maybe I’ll come back to it in a bit, but I will cer­tain­ly make time to cre­ate when I can, and I will most cer­tain­ly keep you post­ed when I do :D




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  1. Hi Trish,
    I love your lit­tle bird and it looks great perched on the love­ly stone vase, thanks for shar­ing your recreation.

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