this week’s awesome finds

 Awesome yarn-bombing idea. More on Carmichael Collective.


 So CUTE! Makes a great pocket on a coat or cardigan, I think. From Repeat Crafter Me.


 Best thing ever! I’m going to have to make this before my next road trip. Sewing pattern for tentacle neck pillow from Tally’s Treasury.


 Very hip and elegant single stem rosette necklace, from Bored & Crafty.


 Bunny gloves! I love the bow tie. Pattern from Devin Cole.


 This sheep needs to live on my couch. Knitting pattern from The Purl Bee.


 I didn’t know about the apparently really widespread grumpy cat meme before coming across this, but I just LOVE this grumpy cat pin from LDP! I think I have to make one to keep me company when I’m feeling grumpy.


 How awesome is this party hat from Oh Happy Day? You can even add the candle to make it extra extra festive :D


Have a happy week! :D



11 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I “pinned” the sheep pillow, too. SOOOO cute!
    And Grumpy Cat is awesome. And she hates every minute of it! ;)

  2. Your round up posts are the best! The pom yarn bomb is fantastic. Meream’s rosettes are just so pretty (she’s actually the gal who talked me into learning to sew, so I know she’s such a sweet girl too). That sheep pillow is making me wish I knew how to knit.…

  3. thanks erica! it is so cool that you know the person who made the rosette necklace! i don’t know how to knit very well neither, but i’m starting with very simple projects… hope to work up to the sheep! :D

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