a special levitation

This is the most recent levitation shot, there are quite a few before this one, but I can’t wait to show you… 

… a new dress I made! :D



It’s from a pattern by Doris Chan and made with Mary Maxim Prism in a colour called Still Waters. It’s for going to a wedding in the fall :D The front closure ended up backwards, I don’t know how that happened… but oh well. I really love the yarn! And I love that the colour is called Still Waters. Was trying to do an interpretive levitation of still waters. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a better background setup for the photo. Maybe when I go to the wedding I can try again, something to do between ceremony and reception :D

I got mother of pearl buttons from my favourite button shop on Queen Street.

mother of pearl


More levitation photos to come! Have a great Friday! :D



11 thoughts on “a special levitation

  1. Oh, gosh, it is beautiful! It looks like something from Missoni to me with the subtle stripes. Such a pretty yarn.

    I have a few books from Doris Chan, but still need to try a pattern. This one is lovely. :)

  2. OMG That dress is stunning! And looks great on you! Very sophisticated and chic! I love it. Love Doris Chan patterns. Always awesome.

  3. Oh Trish, your dress is fabulous! And it looks just perfect on you. Of all the ones posted on Ravelry, yours is by far the most beautiful. I’m so impressed that you got it done so far ahead of time! No wonder you’re floating in air!

  4. thank you so much everyone! i was a bit worried about whether the dress is fancy enough for going to a wedding but now i’m reassured by all of your positive comments! :D i’m so grateful! you’re awesome!! 

    i love doris chan patterns, but i always screw up at least one part of it and can’t find what i’ve done wrong… like the backward front closure! 

    now i just have to find shoes that will go with it! :D

  5. Wow what a wonderful dress, and suits you so well. It will be greatly admired I am sure.
    The wool and colour is fanastic.

  6. thank you! it turned out better than i thought, the pattern was tricky! i love the yarn! it’s quite affordable too. i will definitely use it again.

  7. O my gooooooodness this is such a fabulous dress!!!!!!!!!! so disappointed in myself for not keeping up with your blog ..just found this now, i LOVE IT! wow! just WOW!!!!!

    so talented my friend!

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