long trek


I fin­ished this sweater in March and did­n’t have a chance to take a pic­ture of it until now. It’s the Tumult Sweater from the win­ter 2016 issue of Inter­weave Cro­chet.

It took a fair­ly long time. I start­ed work­ing on it over Christ­mas hol­i­day. It’s quite a repet­i­tive pat­tern so I got a bit bored, and put it down a few times, then work­ing a few rows at a time through­out win­ter. A long trek.

But final­ly we’re here :) I like how it turned out. I think I used a thin­ner yarn than called for, test­ed it a few times and fol­lowed the stitch count for size large to get the sweater mea­sure­ments to be size small. I like that it can look casu­al and it can be dressed up as well, with a floun­cy skirt, twirling around the Maypole… Hap­py May! :D


10 thoughts on “long trek

  1. The TUMULT SWEATER is so attrac­tive and looks good on you…say YES to endurance in the face of repet­i­tive crocheting…

  2. tout sim­ple­ment superbe,vous êtes ravis­sante dans ce pull. Bravo!

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