Weekend montage

This weekend I finally got around to look through the 3 boxes of yarn someone generously gave me — they were cleaning out their basement. And I found a stack of pattern booklets nestled in one of the boxes. They’re mostly knitting books from the 80’s so I think I’m going to (sadly) recycle them because I don’t knit, but I decided to keep this one:

It took me a while to figure out what “Hi-Straw” is. Actually I’m still not quite sure but I think it’s something like the synthetic raffia that they sell at the dollar store. It was published in 1970. Very groovy. It has patterns for bags and stuff…

I actually quite like the hexagon one, and was wondering if it’s possible to make it out of yarn rather than the “Hi-Straw”, but then I realized that it had to be made with this circular flower loom. It looks like they still sell the looms at craft stores. But it looks like it can also be handmade, no?

And then, there are the crocheted patterns…

Whoa! Clothing made with straw! And check out the rainbow-coloured long vest too! Pretty awesome-looking, but I don’t think it would be comfortable to wear… at all… But I quite like the straw hat. I think I might even make the straw hat because it’s crocheted. Not with the “Hi-Straw”, though. Cotton yarn might work better, I think.

And then I also kept this embroidery book because it has a pattern for an owl “television and radio times” book on the cover and I quite like the design of the book itself.

And then, while listening to Vampire Weekend, we had banana pancakes that Mike made — with strawberry yogurt and syrup! :D

I also continued to work on the Yeti. I’ve finished all the parts for the body and now I’m working on the sleeves, and then I will work on the collar. Moxy and Abima tried to help with the measuring but I think they got quite confused…

Might also look good as a vest I think.

And here we are, Sunday afternoon. The weather has gotten quite warm and the sky is bright. It would be hard to get a feel of it in this picture but I was amazed by how close to the earth the clouds are hanging today. Maybe rain is coming.

Hope your weekend was lovely!