favourite things of the week!

I’ve been seeing a lot of things that I like via the Crafty Crow lately. It’s a children’s craft collective, so I guess it appeals to my inner child. Or the child who is actually me. Anyway. I love these plasticine stamps from Filth Wizardry!

Christmas cards idea, perhaps! I think it’s perfect with those chunks of plasticine that’s got so many colours mixed in them that they’ve become really dull and nobody wants to use them and they just sit sadly in the bottom of the tub, just wanting to be squeezed… but dull no more! It can bring out hundreds and thousands of wonderful pictures! I love how the blog owner says that the process is so temporary and unexpected (because plasticine is pliable and the shape of the stamp changes after a few prints). And if you scroll down on the post you’ll see all the different impressions made with different objects! I’m sooo going to try this out when I get my hands on some plasticine!

I think after making some plasticine prints I would also want to make this brilliant artwork display wall-hanging from This and That.

And maybe not only artwork, but also postcards and photos, and greeting cards, and coasters from pubs, and other clippings of inspiration, and paper cutouts? Like these paper cutouts?

Perhaps these paper cutouts are best on windows and coffee tables — but aren’t they lovely? The templates are from Zakka Life. I love the oak and ginkgo ones, which are pictured.

And along the theme of display and decoration, I stumbled upon this brilliant idea via Whip Up.

They’re bookshelves! Literally! :D I’d love it simply because it’s a pun. But I doubly love it because it’s old books! Imagine displaying crocheted mushrooms houses on them! The instruction is available on Real Simple.

And there you have it, a week of favourite things! What are your favourite things? Feel free to share by leaving a comment! Happy Wednesday!