new header! :D

Yup! A new *crocheted* header!

It looks like this before cropping. If you look closely you might see the free-form patterns on the rectangle. I thought playing with some subtle stitch changes throughout would bring out more of the experimental nature of a mudpie.

I’m not sure why I chose yellow. Yellow is probably one of my least favourite colours. But when I was thinking about a new header I kept getting yellow crocheted stitches in my head. I tried to picture other colours, but nothing seemed right except yellow. So I stuck with the yellow, and I love how cheerful it looks!

Mike helped me photograph the header. To get the best lighting in the house we hung him on the bathroom door with some dental floss and tape.

He also set the type on the header, which I think is perfect :)

So why did I make a new header? Something very, very exciting is afoot, comrades! Hopefully I can tell you all about it soon!

Have a happy Thursday!

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