new header! :D

Yup! A new *cro­cheted* head­er!

It looks like this before crop­ping. If you look close­ly you might see the free-form pat­terns on the rec­tan­gle. I thought play­ing with some sub­tle stitch changes through­out would bring out more of the exper­i­men­tal nature of a mud­pie.

I’m not sure why I chose yel­low. Yel­low is prob­a­bly one of my least favourite colours. But when I was think­ing about a new head­er I kept get­ting yel­low cro­cheted stitch­es in my head. I tried to pic­ture oth­er colours, but noth­ing seemed right except yel­low. So I stuck with the yel­low, and I love how cheer­ful it looks!

Mike helped me pho­tograph the head­er. To get the best light­ing in the house we hung him on the bath­room door with some den­tal floss and tape.

He also set the type on the head­er, which I think is per­fect :)

So why did I make a new head­er? Some­thing very, very excit­ing is afoot, com­rades! Hope­ful­ly I can tell you all about it soon!

Have a hap­py Thurs­day!

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