the threadless festive brooch

In my quest for an even sim­pler brooch-mak­ing method than my last fes­tive brooch, I came up with a thread­less ver­sion. It’s not tech­ni­cal­ly thread­less, since rib­bons are made of woven threads. It may be more accu­rate to use the term “no-sew”, but when Mike he saw me mak­ing this he said, “oooh! It’s thread­less!” So I fig­ure I’d stick with “thread­less” :)

I wore it to a Christ­mas din­ner last night! :D

It is so ridicu­lous­ly quick and sim­ple and costs very lit­tle to make, so it might be a good project if one needs to make small gifts for a group of friends or co-work­ers or class­mates or extend­ed female fam­i­ly mem­bers. And with this method one could com­bine dif­fer­ent colours of rib­bons, which I think makes it even more fun and festive.

So, any­way, one could prob­a­bly fig­ure out how to make it just by look­ing at the pic­ture, but I thought some step-by-step pic­tures would also be helpful.

First, using pieces of rib­bons around 7 inch­es in length, I made loops and taped them in the cen­ter with dou­ble sided tape, like so…

After mak­ing loops with dif­fer­ent colours, I lay­ered them, over­lap­ping in the cen­ter, and then sta­ple them togeth­er in the center.

I then attached the but­tons with hot glue.

And final­ly, I attached the pin back with hot glue.

And there we have it, a 5‑minute fes­tive brooch! (That is, if one does­n’t spend half a night pick­ing out colours of rib­bons and com­bi­na­tion of but­tons like me.) One could also thread a rib­bon or what­not (I used raf­fia) through one of the rib­bon loops to make it an orna­ment when not wear­ing it as a brooch!

Have a love­ly day! :D