dim sum love

I love dim sum.

I like going to dim sum with my family. Lots of chatting, lots of eating, lots of dawdling. Makes a relaxing Saturday morning.

I also tried to make dim sum at home, with the frozen stuff, steamed in a large saucer. (I tried microwaving them before, it was bad news. They must be steamed.)

And of course, I have to make them with yarn.

If you like all-day dim sum that smiles back at you, they’re in my shop :D

The one on the right is a shrimp dumpling (蝦餃, “har-gau,” the pale pink one), and the one on the left is a pork/shrimp dumpling (燒賣, “siu-mai,” the yellow one). Siu-mai was the kind I was steaming.

Har-gau is a steamed dumpling filled with shrimp and wrapped in a white, translucent wrapper. Siu-mai is also a steamed dumpling filled with both pork and shrimp and wrapped in a yellow wheat wrapper and topped with crab roe.

If you do know how to crochet though, here’s a brilliant pattern for making siu-mai from All About Ami! I’m so tempted to make them, they would make a great “how are you feeling today” chart on my fridge! :D

If you prefer to knit, I stumbled upon this great pattern for knitting dumplings (or jiao-zi, in Mandarin)! The written pattern is a free Ravelry download if you’re a Raveler, but there’s also a how-to video for everyone. The creator stuffed the dumplings with catnip for her cat to play with :D


I’ve been working on some dumplings as well! Crocheting, of course, and adding another pair of characters to my “happy together” series (which includes, so far, nigiri and wasabinapa cabbage and chestnut, and pina colada). Characters in the happy together series were mainly made for weddings (except for the napa cabbage and chestnut, which are for my mom), and these ones I’ve just made are no exception — they’re for an old friend who first met her fiance at a dumpling gathering! She’s probably too busy to read my blog at this point, and I’m going to block her from seeing this post on Facebook, so it should be safe to show you… if you promise to keep a secret, that is.

Ta-da! Dumpling, and a little bottle of soy sauce! XD They’re spending a few happy days on my fridge, then I must say goodbye to them and send them to their new home on Saturday… *sniff* But I’ll be ok…

Stay tuned for the pattern, coming in the next couple of days!

Happy Monday!

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