no glue gun? no problem!

Had a bit of a busy week last week. It was excep­tion­al­ly awe­some, but we had a wed­ding to attend on the week­end and I did­n’t quite have time to think about what I was going to wear.

Actu­al­ly, I decid­ed a long time ago that I was going to wear the mus­sels dress, but it need­ed some­thing cheer­ful. I was going to make a fab­ric flower pin like these ones, but I seri­ous ran out of time.

So on our way to my par­ents’ to pick up the car to dri­ve to the wed­ding, I wan­dered into a dol­lar store and — thank­ful­ly — found the per­fect flow­ers to go with my dress.

I was at my par­ents’ and did­n’t have any of my craft tools with me, includ­ing my handy glue gun. Not a prob­lem. I snipped off a flower from its stem, secured all the lay­ers of petals togeth­er with a few stitch­es in the mid­dle, and duct-taped a safe­ty pin on the back.


Instant flower brooch! One would nev­er be able to tell it was duct-taped :D (at least I did­n’t think so…)


But duct-tape was real­ly just a Band-Aid solu­tion. It was slow­ly start­ing to peel off dur­ing the cer­e­mo­ny. Then I left it in the hot car to get gro­ceries on our way home, and the duct tape was real­ly com­ing off after­ward. I think the adhe­sive melt­ed :S

I real­ly like how the flower look on the cro­chet dress. So when I got home, back with my glue gun again, I attached the safe­ty pin on it with felt. Now I can wear it again and again! :D (I kind of did a messy job apply­ing the hot glue though… oh well, no one is going to see.)

Hap­py Wednes­day! :D