sunday video — angry birds live!


Mike down­load­ed Angry Birds on his phone and I’ve been play­ing it a lot this week­end. My first time play­ing the game was at the doctor’s office; it was going to be a long wait and I for­got my book. Then I was hooked — absolute­ly hooked and total­ly under­stand why everyone’s mak­ing angry bird plush and (playable!) angry bird cake and angry bird cro­chet pat­terns! And here’s an awe­some video of angry birds LIVEXD



It’s not just for the iphones — it’s a free Chrome app too, so I can play it on my com­put­er when Mike’s out with his phone. Yikes. I’m going to get a lot done the­se days… now if you would excuse me, I’m going back to fig­ure out how to beat this new lev­el!

Have a great Sun­day, every­one! :D 


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4 thoughts on “sunday video — angry birds live!

  1. I LOVE IT!!
    i love that you got the chrome app! haha.
    i’ve been play­ing with mark’s iphone games and SOOOO hooked.
    angry birds, paper toss, fruit nin­ja.…

    they’re so much fun! i got this app where you can take pics of ppl and make them fat! its a hit!

    1. fruit nin­ja? that sounds hilar­i­ous! but i think i’m going to have to lim­it myself to one game at the moment… or i’m not going to get any work done!

  2. C’est dingue!! J’étais accrochée a cet jeu, mais main­tenant je suis folle pour un autre, tu peux le voir, peut être tu vas aimer aus­si ;)

    1. whoa! looks like fun and quite chal­leng­ing! i like the con­cept of feed­ing the frog can­dy. i like that a bit bet­ter than destroy­ing things, like angry birds. thank you for the link Nidia! :D

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