sunday video — angry birds live!


Mike downloaded Angry Birds on his phone and I’ve been playing it a lot this weekend. My first time playing the game was at the doctor’s office; it was going to be a long wait and I forgot my book. Then I was hooked — absolutely hooked and totally understand why everyone’s making angry bird plush and (playable!) angry bird cake and angry bird crochet patterns! And here’s an awesome video of angry birds LIVEXD



It’s not just for the iphones — it’s a free Chrome app too, so I can play it on my computer when Mike’s out with his phone. Yikes. I’m going to get a lot done these days… now if you would excuse me, I’m going back to figure out how to beat this new level!

Have a great Sunday, everyone! :D 


4 thoughts on “sunday video — angry birds live!

  1. I LOVE IT!!
    i love that you got the chrome app! haha.
    i’ve been playing with mark’s iphone games and SOOOO hooked.
    angry birds, paper toss, fruit ninja.…

    they’re so much fun! i got this app where you can take pics of ppl and make them fat! its a hit!

  2. C’est dingue!! J’étais accrochée a cet jeu, mais maintenant je suis folle pour un autre, tu peux le voir, peut être tu vas aimer aussi ;)

  3. whoa! looks like fun and quite challenging! i like the concept of feeding the frog candy. i like that a bit better than destroying things, like angry birds. thank you for the link Nidia! :D

  4. fruit ninja? that sounds hilarious! but i think i’m going to have to limit myself to one game at the moment… or i’m not going to get any work done!

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