weekend wonders

The past two weekends have been quite wonderful. I didn’t have a chance to post those weekend pictures here last week, so here they all are! :D

Last weekend we took a long overdue trip to Ikea, had their fabulous meatball combo and Swedish dessert sampler and of course lingonberry juice :D


And at Ikea I got a large jar of Perler beads! I thought my heart was going to burst when I opened it and saw all the colours spilling out. Must be a million of them in there — filled to the brim with happiness :D


My first project was a Nyan Cat. I realized that if I copied the pixels exactly it would turn out huge (5.5″ across, apparently, like this awesome rendition). I didn’t even have a large enough board to make the full-size Nyan Cat, so I simplified it a bit. And the jar of beads also didn’t have grey (for the cat) or tan (for the Poptart). But that’s OK. My Nyan Cat would be lilac-coloured and the Poptart pastry would have to be yellow. And here it is flying across the screen with the rainbow trail…


Figured out another way to wear my crochet tea rose — on a belt! My belt had a metal buckle and the flower had a safety pin on the back, so the flower was held to the belt buckle with a couple of magnets in between. I think it looked alright. 


Over the past week I’ve been experimenting with dressmaking (I’m hoping to replace old ratty t‑shirts with clothes I make). So far I’ve made myself this blouse with some fabric I found in my mom’s fabric bin. It must be from Hong Kong. It’s not exactly polka dots, because the white dots are kind of ovals. Mike and I both think that they look like grains of rice. (More on the making of this top later!) I wore this flower pin on my belt with it. I asked Mike to take a photo while we were watching the sunset on the deck at top of our building :D


And I save the best for last — my new niece was born on Wednesday! Her name is Lucy :D We saw her for the first time this past weekend. She’s so precious…

Wishing you a week full of wonders! :D

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