weekend wonders

The past two week­ends have been quite won­der­ful. I did­n’t have a chance to post those week­end pic­tures here last week, so here they all are! :D

Last week­end we took a long over­due trip to Ikea, had their fab­u­lous meat­ball com­bo and Swedish dessert sam­pler and of course lin­gonber­ry juice :D


And at Ikea I got a large jar of Per­ler beads! I thought my heart was going to burst when I opened it and saw all the colours spilling out. Must be a mil­lion of them in there — filled to the brim with hap­pi­ness :D


My first project was a Nyan Cat. I real­ized that if I copied the pix­els exact­ly it would turn out huge (5.5″ across, appar­ent­ly, like this awe­some ren­di­tion). I did­n’t even have a large enough board to make the full-size Nyan Cat, so I sim­pli­fied it a bit. And the jar of beads also did­n’t have grey (for the cat) or tan (for the Pop­tart). But that’s OK. My Nyan Cat would be lilac-coloured and the Pop­tart pas­try would have to be yel­low. And here it is fly­ing across the screen with the rain­bow trail…


Fig­ured out anoth­er way to wear my cro­chet tea rose — on a belt! My belt had a met­al buck­le and the flower had a safe­ty pin on the back, so the flower was held to the belt buck­le with a cou­ple of mag­nets in between. I think it looked alright. 


Over the past week I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with dress­mak­ing (I’m hop­ing to replace old rat­ty t‑shirts with clothes I make). So far I’ve made myself this blouse with some fab­ric I found in my mom’s fab­ric bin. It must be from Hong Kong. It’s not exact­ly pol­ka dots, because the white dots are kind of ovals. Mike and I both think that they look like grains of rice. (More on the mak­ing of this top lat­er!) I wore this flower pin on my belt with it. I asked Mike to take a pho­to while we were watch­ing the sun­set on the deck at top of our build­ing :D


And I save the best for last — my new niece was born on Wednes­day! Her name is Lucy :D We saw her for the first time this past week­end. She’s so precious…

Wish­ing you a week full of won­ders! :D

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