okra is a thing of beauty


Finally got around to use the okra I bought a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t really in the mood of making anything, but the okras were going slimy on the outside :S They were going to be wasted if I don’t use them, so I forced myself to dig out the paint.

And it turned out to be quite an invigorating experience! (Making things always makes me feel better, it’s just a matter of getting started…) The patterns that the okras made were simply delightful… 


They remind me of jellyfish :D

My first sheet of prints was a bit blotchy. The second sheet was a bit more consistent.


Then there were the more angular prints of a different okra, compared with the more rounded ones.

I’m going to make something with these later… will keep you posted!

Have a happy Wednesday! :D




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