delicious delicious delicious


March is an extremely busy month, with courses coming to an end at the same time and presentations/papers due at the same time. (has the school administration thought this through?) 

Anyway, it means that I have to make a conscious effort to make and eat good delicious food so that I don’t end up having ramen noodles three times a day (even though ramen noodles are awesome). 

My friend and I went to the Dumpling House in Chinatown after school one day — must go back! Check out the lattice pattern on the fried dumplings (above). Also ordered spinach dumplings for the disease fighting benefits of leafy greens.


Made curry beef — with coconut milk! So proud of myself. Actually quite easy. Just wasn’t sure whether coconut milk would curdle like regular milk. I don’t think it did.


Then with the leftover curry sauce Mike made curry fish ball! It’s a kind of Hong Kong street food :D


And last week Mike made the perfect fish congee.


I’m off to making myself some lunch :D 

Hope you’re enjoying this early spring weather!




3 thoughts on “delicious delicious delicious

  1. So proud of that congee! It took us like 5 years to get the texture/consistency right… : )

  2. Everything looks so delicious! Five years in the making for the Congee — now you’ll need to think of something new to tackle!

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