treasures from the yardage sale

Vis­it­ed a yardage sale at the Tex­tile Muse­um this week! 


I did­n’t take this pic­ture, was too busy dig­ging into the piles of fab­ric. I found the pic­ture from Strand News, prob­a­bly from last year’s yardage sale? It’s just as crowd­ed, if not more crowd­ed, this year! There were line­ups going into the mul­ti­ple tents and once inside it was shoul­der-to-shoul­der from one end of the tent to the other. 

At the end I brought home these small pieces. I thought they’d make good fab­ric-cov­ered but­tons (note the chick­en in a pot piece! Not sure what to do with it yet but it’s so awe­some-look­ing I had to bring it home).


Tiny straw­ber­ries, isn’t it so sweet?


This is a larg­er piece, enough to make a dress. I like the tiny splash­es of bright colours in it.


Think­ing about using it to make this dress in particular…


From the book I Am Cute Dress (got the pic­ture from the Crafty­pod review). Not sure if you can see it in the pic­ture but the front but­ton pan­el shifts down­ward, cre­at­ing some inter­est­ing-look­ing folds.

It requires draw­ing a pat­tern, so I’ll have to wait until sum­mer school is over…

But a neck­lace! A neck­lace I can make in half an hour or so! :D


From the yardage sale I bought these bright red glass beads (about 10 mm in diam­e­ter). I strung them togeth­er on a teal piece of yarn with dou­ble knots in between :D

I did­n’t have clasps. So I made my own with some wire.


I made the top a cou­ple of weeks ago. Bought the fab­ric when I was in high school and made a peas­ant shirt with it. I wore that shirt a lot, I liked how soft the fab­ric was. It got paint on it and the elas­tics were all loose, so I had to retire it. But I recent­ly found the left­over fab­ric at my par­ents’, just enough to make a square top :D


Have a great week everyone!




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  1. Very cool clasp on your neck­lace, you clever girl you! Very cool neck­lace, too :-). Glad you had fun at that amaz­ing tex­tile sale.

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