tea runs in my veins

I got a new clear phone case and was for a long time look­ing for the per­fect decal to put on the phone. I want­ed either a pile of cats or one sim­ple black cat, but I could­n’t find any­thing I liked with the right size. So one day I just got frus­trat­ed and decid­ed to make my own. I got some origa­mi paper and a clunky util­i­ty knife and was just going to exper­i­ment, but this crea­ture appeared. It has the per­fect grumpy look!

And I sand­wiched it between the phone case and the phone :D

I thought he’d also make a nice desk­top com­pan­ion. So I asked Mike to make a few wall­pa­pers to share :)





I think the phone one works best on the lock screen. Just click on the size you want to save the image.* 

To quote Dr. Ogden from Mur­doch Mys­ter­ies: “The brain requires a con­stant flow of oxygen..or tea!”

Have a hap­py week­end, everyone!


*A friend­ly reminder: my images are for per­son­al use only, please don’t repost the images with­out cred­it­ing this blog, and please absolute­ly don’t sell the images. 

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