this week’s awesome finds

Sim­ple, ele­gant sum­mer blouse. Pat­tern from Kok­ka Fab­ric.


The cutest owl baby mit­tens. There is also a chart for Totoro ones! From Lyn­nette Hulse on Rav­el­ry.


The only way I would wear ripped jeans. Cro­chet lace patch by Make & Do Crew.


From A Spoon­ful of Yarn: “In the top you will find three dif­fer­ent cloud shapes: Cumu­lus clouds (those big heaped clouds), cir­rus clouds (thin and whispy) and cir­rocu­mu­lus clouds (small puffy clouds).” Lucky us cloud lovers, it’s free pat­tern! :D


This is so groovy. Avo­ca­do squares from Sprin­kles on Top Nina.


More cute cro­chet food by I Cro­chet Things.


Does­n’t this look like a giant marsh­mal­low? :D Tuto­r­i­al on Cur­bly.

May your week be filled with won­der­ful craftiness!


6 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. J’aime beau­coup la jolie blouse blanche,mais…il va fal­loir main­tenant songer à des vête­ments plus chauds!Projet à con­serv­er pour l’été prochain.

  2. To Trish — I fol­low your blog faith­ful­ly, and enjoy get­ting your emails. How­ev­er, I have a ques­tion here: The pat­tern is acces­si­ble, BUT HOW TO BUY THE FABRIC??? I explored the Kok­ka web­site, but remain com­plete­ly puz­zled. Any enlightenment!?
    Thank, Jane C.

  3. Hi Jane, thank you so much for read­ing my blog posts, hap­py to hear that you enjoy them! :D in terms of buy­ing the fab­ric, it looks like they have a dis­trib­u­tors list on the web­site: and if you don’t live close to any of the places list­ed, you might be able to shop online on the indi­vid­ual dis­trib­u­tors’ web­sites. I also imag­ine that any sim­i­lar light cot­ton fab­ric from your local fab­ric store can be a suit­able sub­sti­tute, that would be what I would do if I were mak­ing this top! Hope this helps!

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