pearls and rose


Went to a friend’s wedding on the weekend :D and I made a pearls and rose necklace to go with this crochet dress and this refashioned cardigan

(I actually really like this photo, if I must say so myself. I was trying to take a picture of myself looking all stylish but failing, so this picture is actually one of me laughing at my silly attempts. These shots of me laughing at myself often turn out well.)

I’ve been fascinated by those off-centered flower necklaces for a while, so I thought I’d try to make one with stuff I have at home. In case you’re interested, here’s how I made it.

This is how it looks on the back, which kind of explains how it’s pieced together.


I used:

A bit of red felt

Some pearl beads

Some thread and needle for stringing the beads

1 jump ring

1 large safety pin

1 small safety pin

1 necklace chain with clasps

Hot glue gun


1. I strung some plastic pearl beads on a piece of thread. It’s about 11″ long altogether, but it’s not because I have a specific measurement in mind. It has to be that length because I ran out of beads. I tied the ends together and then secured the knot with some white glue and set it aside to dry.

2. I made a rose with a 1/4″ strip of red felt, using a method similar to this tutorial (scroll down to “no-sew ribbon rosette tutorial”), hot gluing it as I rolled, and hot glued a pearl bead in the center. I then attached the larger safety pin (making sure the opening is facing away from the rose) to the back of the rose by hot gluing a small piece of felt on it.

3. I folded the string of pearl beads in half, then attached a jump ring to one end, and attached the safety pin with the rose to the other end.

4. I put the one end of the necklace chain on the safety pin attached to the rose (the end without the spring opening). I then hook the end with the spring opening onto the jump ring that I placed on the string of pearl beads in step 3. (It sounds more complex than it actually is… hopefully this will make sense if you refer to the photo above.)

5. And then the necklace was too long, so I put a safety pin through the chain to make it shorter (the pin actually goes through two individual links on opposite sides), like so…


So, to put it on, I just unclasp the chain from the jump ring on the string of pearls.

More weekend photos to follow! Hope your weekend was re-energizing with the crisp air of fall!



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