summer sewing begins :D

Summer sewing begins with a bandana dress :D

bandana dress 3


It actually started as a bandana top last summer, made with two bandanas, each cut in half, then sewed together in the middle-front, middle-back, and side seams, leaving space for armholes and a v‑neck.

But it didn’t look right when I tried it on. It was poufing out in all sorts of strange places. I got discouraged and left it in the closet for the entire fall and winter. Then recently I thought maybe if I extend it into a dress it might drape more nicely. So I went back to Honest Ed’s where I found the bandanas, and was able to find two more in the exact same colour and pattern! Almost couldn’t believe it.

I sewed the two bandanas into a tube to make a skirt, then sewed them to the top at waist line.

This is the back of it…

bandana dress 1

It clearly needed some waist shaping, so I used the same trick as I did with this top, with buttons and button loops. I really like the blue buttons on the brown/white/orange pattern :D

bandana dress 2


(Please excuse the out of focus photos :S)

Can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough to wear it outside :D


Happy May! 



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