I haven’t bought a new cro­chet book in a cou­ple of years, but when I saw Doris Chan’s new book I just had to get it! I was par­tic­u­lar­ly attract­ed to this pat­tern.

It’s real­ly an amaz­ing book. I nev­er knew how to join motifs as I cro­chet them. It’s actu­al­ly eas­ier than I thought once I got the hang of it.

I wore it with my new skirt to an art show that I spent the past two months coor­di­nat­ing :D Was too busy at the art show to take a phone, so Mike took a cou­ple for me in front of a bush on our way home.



I actu­al­ly used a cheap and cheer­ful large ball of worsted weight acrylic yarn. I ironed it on low heat under a wet tow­el after­wards and it made it a lot soft­er and drape a lot bet­ter.

Here’s a close-up…



Since my cours­es end­ed I’ve been cro­chet­ing a lot! I guess mak­ing up for the time when I wasn’t cro­chet­ing while being busy with papers. 

Hope every­one has a good week­end!


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10 thoughts on “cornflower

  1. Turned out awe­some! My mom just bought me the same book last week! It is total­ly awe­some! Hey, for anoth­er “join as you go” tech­nique for motifs, you should look at Seam­less Cro­chet by Kristin Omdahl. It total­ly blew my mind, too.

  2. Trish, I have to say I total­ly like your top, and the way it looks on you, bet­ter than the one in the book. Kudos to you!

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