square-a-day: the last leg!

Day 25, portal.


Day 26, hope floats.


Day 27, legend of the shrimpanzee — half shrimp, half chimp, all sea monster! “rawr, get out of my lagoon!” *bats at rocks* Inspired by these awesome paintings.


Day 28, seaweed nest and pearls of wisdom.


Day 29, shrooms. Was writing a guest post that day and I mentioned mushrooms at the foot of a tree.


Day 30, over a field of poppies. I painted this at my parents’, as I was spending the weekend there. I brought my most used brushes and used the paints from my sister’s old paint-by-number kit. 

Hurray! Project complete! :D


Here’s how they look altogether. I’ve been hanging one up everyday on a string, like a bunting. (Please excuse the cluttered background. Our apartment comes with a mirror-covered wall and we put all sorts of posters on it.) You can click on the photo to see a larger image.


Kind of hard to believe that I actually stuck with it, painted a square a day for 30 days. It was a lot of fun. Often I just painted whatever came to mind but sometimes it offered such a great opportunity to work through the thoughts and feelings that were bothering me.

Also, I didn’t mentioned that all of the paintings, except the 30th one, were done with dollar store paint! Not the greatest quality, but does a good job actually. 

I’m going to have to take better pictures of them. The Instagram ones are fun but some of the colours and details don’t show up very well. And then I’m going to have a first ever genuine mudpie giveaway! :D To thank everyone for travelling with me on this journey of rediscovering the joy of painting. Still have to figure out the logistics of it, but will post details soon! 

I’ll definitely do this again, maybe a square a week or something. But for now I’m going to finish the pattern I’ve been working on (eeep!) and a mystery project! With mystery posts! Stay tuned! :D


Wishing you a fun-filled day!


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8 thoughts on “square-a-day: the last leg!

  1. Hearing they were done with dollar store paints is inspiring. I‘ve put aside my painting for so long, I‘m not sure if I remember how! (like about 35 years) I may challenge myself to do a square a day painting for September with dollar store supplies.…

    Anyway, love this last group, especially “Portal” and your “Shrimpanzee” — not sure which is the most favourite! :)

  2. I love all your squares, but I think the “Shrimpanzee” is my favourite. So whimsical! Good on you for sticking with it, your dedication really is inspiring :)

  3. Me too Kirsty…Shrimpanzee wins hands down. Reminds me of those Sponge Bob Square Pants days of my now 17 year old. I would say that you’ve perfected some colors and got pretty stylish as you went along Trish :o)

  4. thank you so much for your kind words, everyone! shrimpanzee is a bit of a weird one, but mike and i couldn’t stop laughing about it days after it was painted. i’m happy that you like it as much as we do! :D

  5. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the squares you’ve been adding, but just hadn’t had time to comment on what a great idea it is! I’m amazed you did it with dollar store paints! There are so many beautiful ones, but out of this batch I especially love “Portal” and “Over a Field of Poppies!”
    Kate :}

  6. Congrats from Dublin, Ireland.
    Well done for sticking to it, some days I am sure you had to push yourself to do one, but they are all wonderful and special to you.

  7. Hooray to your success! I can imagine these lovingly adorning a messenger bag — maybe some sort of pocket added so you can switch them out? Else pick your favorites and add iron-on adhesive to the back and to help set the colors?

  8. thank you, everyone! i think for me it’s a great project for the summer. during the school year when i have to leave home early in the morning and come home late at night i’m sure i won’t have time to paint a square.
    i’ve been thinking about stitching them on something or stitching them together! :D

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