Some of my favourite things (aka recur­ring blog post topics)

  1. Amigu­ru­mi and tiny plush
  2. Mak­ing my own clothes (most­ly with cro­chet­ing and knit­ting, but I also try sewing)
  3. Crafts of all kinds (most­ly with beads and paper, but I also have an affin­i­ty for shrink plastic)
  4. Tak­ing pic­tures with Diana Mini (as pic­tured — it was tak­en with Diana :D)
  5. Being a tourist in my own city (or near­by cities), espe­cial­ly vis­it­ing muse­ums and his­tor­i­cal sites (I think I missed my true call­ing of being a muse­um docent or a pale­on­tol­o­gist, but oh well.)
  6. Catch­ing the bright things that bring joy to the every­day (even though it looks ridicu­lous some­times, as pictured)
  7. Tea time! (as pictured)
  8. Find­ing and admir­ing mush­rooms and fun­gi (as pic­tured), but not foraging
  9. Vis­it­ing and admir­ing lla­mas and cats, but not pet­ting (if I can help it), because I’m allergic :(
  10. (Last but not least!) Shar­ing the joy of craft­ing :D


I hope you enjoy your vis­it! Feel free to leave a com­ment or drop me a note at genuinemudpie[at]gmail[dot]com. I would love to hear from you :)

Best wish­es,


17 thoughts on “about

  1. trish,
    this is the first time i have read your about page and want to com­ment on your would you befriend you ques­tion. i feel like you are a friend of mine. i always look for­ward to your blog and com­ments about life and things. i feel that if we were in the same loca­tion we could be real­ly good friends as you think alot like me and have many of the same inter­ests. But, since you are in toron­to and i’m in indi­ana i will be hap­py to be a blog friend.
    bless you,

  2. Hi there! I’ve just seen that you’ve fea­tured my ice lanterns! So much fun to have them spread their way in the world!! I’ve just found your post and am in love with your paper ros­es — sim­ply divine! I’ll be back. Gina at willlowday

  3. hi spomen­ka, are you refer­ring to the cro­chet lla­ma on one of my awe­some finds posts? that is indeed an awe­some pat­tern, and it’s cre­at­ed by some­one else, which means that i can­not sell the fin­ished prod­uct made from it. hope this helps!

  4. Hi Trish..i came across your web­site by chance and am hooked since then! I have been think­ing of try­ing cro­chet and oth­er DIY stuff since ages but haven’t been able to. Going through your blog has giv­en me so much inspi­ra­tion! I LOVE all your projects and can’t wait to try them now!
    Thanks for being so awe­some! :D
    Oh and also, do you have a face­book page?


  5. Hi Trish,

    Have heard a lot about you from Michael and have been real­ly enjoy­ing your blog late­ly. Its very refresh­ing to read your writ­ing and see things from your point of view. Your writ­ing very clean and beau­ti­ful. I real­ly enjoy your yarn work even though i have no such skills! May be i will get inspired some­day and make some­thing! i will send you a pic­ture of i ever do. Keep up the good work and please know that there are many of us who dont write often but fol­low your blog reli­gious­ly, every­day ;) — cheers!

  6. thank you so much for your kind words, Chand­ni! i’m real­ly encour­aged that you like read­ing my blog! :D

  7. I love gink­go leaves (and also mush­rooms) and cro­chet, so that is how I found you. I’ve enjoyed read­ing your pat­terns and plan to try some of them. Thank you!

  8. I love your posts trish; I’m not good at cro­chet­ing but I’m will­ing to start putting more effort in to it. You make it look so easy to do. I work a lot but will find time to buy the yarn and get start­ed. Wish me luck, I’ll keep in touch. Thanks

    Bren­da Knorr

  9. Thank you for the toast blan­ket pat­tern. I made it for my sis­ter who brings it with her camp­ing. Now I wor­ry she will look like a sand­which to a bear- but it is bring­ing her joy. You have great ideas!

  10. Hi Trish, I just came across your “8 bit” top in the C2C sec­tion of Gathered.how. I love it! Very orig­i­nal and I hope to give it a try even­tu­al­ly. Looks a bit tricky.

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