holiday (tiny) shop update!

Feeling a bit inspired and motivated after visiting the One of a Kind show last weekend, I made some last minute update to my kind of dormant Etsy shop :D

I listed a very small quantity of items at friends-and-family prices in order to find them good homes, I only have one of each at this time.

There’s Santa’s Favourite milk and cookie ornament pack


This very festive tiny wreath with mushroom and bell (the bell DOES ring!)…


And a few pairs of tiny sushi earrings. There are 3 different sushi combo sets, you can see the other sets in the listing.


To make sure the the orders will arrive before December 25, please place orders before Dec. 10 for Canada/US destinations and before Dec. 1 (that’s in 2 days!) for international destinations.

Have a look at the genuine mudpie shop if you’re looking for some handmade tiny plush to spread holiday cheers!

Wishing everyone an excellent rest of the week!


other fun things

I’ve been only posting about the 12 Days of Woodland Creatures for the past month! But you know me, that wouldn’t be the only project I’ve been working on — here are some of the other fun things that have been keeping my hands busy :D

Photo 2014-09-19, 6 47 03 PM

About a month ago I made a couple of stool covers for my awesome friends as a wedding gift, following this pattern by We are Knitters. Yes! The loop stitch! It’s just so fun to make! But after making hundreds, possibly thousands of loop stitches to make the 2 covers I think I will give it a rest for now… I think the covers will also make nice padding for regular chairs or extra floor seatings!

I also made these very cute (and very easy! Instant plush!) knit square rabbits following this patter from Lebenslustiger, for my niece and nephews to celebrate the arrival of the new baby brother :D

square rabbits

They have white pom poms for tails.

square rabbits 2

One day I went out to gather the last few dandelions and filled a few small bottles with the seeds.


As you can see I’ve attached a head pin to the cork — they turned into necklaces and are now in my friend’s shop, amongst other things…

new shopThat’s right! I’ve joined my friend Jessica’s shop again this month :D It’s a shop in downtown Toronto that rents out spaces to local artists/artisans. Please visit if you’re in the neighbourhood :D You might recognize some of the pins that I made earlier (see better pictures of them in this post) for an outdoor craft show (which was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather), and the hedgehogs and owls!

AND! As you may have noticed on the right sidebar of this blog I’ve also reopened my Etsy shop. I took a break from both the physical shop and the Etsy shop last year because of a very packed schedule of school and work. But since I’ve graduated (yay!) I’ve got more time on my hands :D

So one item I recently listed — and I’m quite proud of it — is the BYOBLT stackable magnet set!

BYOBLTMike designed the packaging for it — isn’t it so professional-looking? Here it is in action!


And because the bacon was a lot of fun to make, I made a few smiling bacon magnets for the physical shop as well (plus some very festive candy corns for the season!). Maybe I will list them on Etsy too.


I have definitely been enjoying more time to craft and be creative!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and weekend!


a long overdue shop update!

Spent the past week crocheting and sewing, and finally a shop update! :D I haven’t been putting a lot of effort into the Etsy shop, to be honest, but my friend has just opened a physical shop downtown and I really wanted to make some stuff for her, so I thought I’d put some new stuff in my shop as well :D


I had this idea in my head for a long time, a grassy brooch with flowers on it, but couldn’t figure out what I should use to make the flowers, what kind of flowers I want to make, etc. It finally all came together when the weather was getting warm and the dandelions started blooming, and I was reminded of the backyard in my family’s first home in Canada. It was in Northern Ontario and we had wild roses and, of course, dandelions in the yard. We’ve never had a yard or garden in Hong Kong, so this was quite new to us. We planted other things too, like pansies. But the wild roses and dandelions, they’re the ones that came back spring after spring without watering, tenaciously, persistently, care-free.

So! The spring garden brooch is in the shop! :D



I also made an oval one.


The brooches were a lot of fun to make. I’m hoping to make more soon, maybe with different flowers.

And here’s snow mushroom’s cousin, spring mushroom! :D


Spring mushrooms like sunbathing and picnicking on sunny days and falling asleep to the sound of the rain. He has shiny sequins on his cap. 


There’s also another cousin of snow mushroom, the snowflake mushroom. She will be living in my friend’s shop.


Snowflake mushroom has snowflakes on her cap.


The original snow mushroom is still available at the shop :D

And here are the ones I’m bringing to my friend’s shop — the teacup mushrooms!

It’s also an idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while. The grassy bit is a lid, so one could put things in the teacup, like candy, loose change, a rock collection, love notes…

Here’s another one…


When I was at the thrift store I saw these glassware and I thought these would be just perfect for the snow mushrooms! So I had to make them too.


They have sparkly beads on their caps :D


The teacup and glassware mushrooms are only at my friend’s shop for now, but I’d be happy to making them on commission :D


It was a blissful week crocheting, drinking tea and watching Gil Grissom solve crimes…

The mushrooms and I wish you a lovely weekend! :D 




shop revisited

I have plush in my shop again! :D Since I had to list a custom order I re-listed the ornaments as well. 

There’s a s’more… he’s in stock.


And snow mushrooms… 


The snow mushrooms in the picture have been sold, so they are made to order, and will likely look like this one…


With the ribbon loop instead of jute. And has gills under its cap! :D (the old ones didn’t have gills.)


Drop by for a visit if you have a minute! :D




Yay for custom orders! :D


You may have noticed that my mushroom friends have appeared on the Etsy badge over on the right sidebar- they’re a custom order for a very creative bride-to-be :D And they’re going to be cake toppers, along with other creations that the bride is going to make! I can’t wait to see what the finished cake topper (and the cake!) looks like :D

They may look plushy, but they’re actually pretty hardcore.

Well, that’s what a mushroom’s gotta do when it’s going to be on its feet (foot?) all day! Yes, inside the mushroom stems are screws, and washers at the bottom, so that they could stand on their own without tipping over.

I also added gills…


And one mushroom has sparkly sequins atop its head…


I love custom orders. I love hearing the stories behind the orders and I feel so honoured that my plush friends can be part of the story. And I’m just so excited that the snow mushrooms are going to be a part of a wedding! The original snow mushrooms appear on snow days to spread holiday cheers. I’ve asked these special topper mushrooms to spread wedding cheers and well wishes at the reception; I think they will do a good job :D

If you have something in mind that I may be able to make for you, feel free to visit my shop or contact me, I’d love to chat!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

March break fun with tater tots

It’s March Break! Time for cartoons in the AM, all-day craft experiments, and luncheons with hot dogs and tater tots! Actually, my mom never bought us tater tots, and I don’t really eat them a lot as an adult. But I think there’s just something really cute and funny about tater tots. Well, the fact that they’re called tater tots. And they’re short and round. And who can forget their 2 minutes of fame in Napoleon Dynamite? Unfortunately, many tots had perished in the making of the film. So! I thought I’d make a tot that one can safely carry in one’s pocket :D

It’s designed with a flat bottom too, so it doesn’t always need to be carried around — it can stand on its own like an independent little tot, on a desk or countertop or whatever.

If you, too, would like to make a tot to carry around in your pocket, here’s what I did.

I used:
A bit of worsted weight yarn in yellow
3.5mm crochet hook
Stuffing (I used yarn ends)
Two small black beads for eyes
Embroidery thread and needle for mouth 

Edit 08/29/11: Row 1 is to achieve an oval base by working sc’s into both sides of the beginning ch. Apologies for not being very clear before, I added new process photos after a few inquiries specifically regarding this step, hope it helps!

Row 1: ch 5, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in each of next [2 ch], 3 sc in next ch, 1 sc in the remaining loop of each of the next 2 ch (the underside of the same [2 ch], indicated by the arrows in the picture below).

Complete row with sl st in the first sc of round.

Completed row 1 (an oval base):

Row 2: ch 1, in back loop only, sc in 1st sc, sc in each sc around, sl st in beginning sc. (10 sc)

Row 3: ch 1, sc in each sc around, sl st in beginning sc. (10 sc)

Row 4 — 5: Repeat row 3 (add or omit rows here to make taller or shorter tots)

Sew on eyes and mouth. Stuff with stuffing.

Row 6: ch 1, 2 sc tog 5 times, sl st in beginning sc, leaving a 6″ tail, tie off.

Weave tail around each sc in the opening, pull tight and tie off. Weave in end.

And here we have it, a tater tot! Almost as quick and easy as making the edible kind. And of course, I had to make more than one…

All lined up!


Circle time with Mrs. Clip (who also works part-time as a chip clip around here).


So what else can we do with the tots, except carrying them around in our pockets?

Well, one could practice juggling…


Or play tater-tot-toss (and say that ten times fast!)…


Or play hot taters with a friend or two…


And when you’re busy with other things, they can hang out on the fridge (on the frozen section, of course). Just put a safety pin on it and stick it on a magnet.


And they never go stale! So in a month’s time just add some wings and they can double as chicks for an Easter display.


What am I going to do with all the tots? Well, I’m afraid I have more plush than I have room for them. So if you like the tots but don’t know how to crochet or don’t have time to crochet, I’ve put three in the shop, they’d love for you to visit!

And I would like to thank Mike for spending the whole afternoon helping me with the photoshoot and putting up with my silly determination to take the perfect tossing pictures. Love you!

And I’d like to thank you for dropping by! I realize that many of us don’t have the luxury of March Break but I hope you enjoyed taking a break and visiting with the tater tots here!

new things, and news :D

I’ve started some new projects that involve trying new things. One of these new things is knitting. It’s not that I’ve never knitted before. On the contrary, in my teenage years I’ve knitted sweaters with colourwork and cables and lace patterns. But somewhere along the way I’ve put down knitting and spent all my time crocheting instead, and I’m surprised how much I’ve forgotten, how foreign knitting has become to me. It feels like I need to relearn everything from the start.

I was looking for a cardigan pattern and tried several crochet ones but ended up frogging all of them. I had been eying the Everybody Knows cardigan (so named because “everybody who can knit knows how to knit garter stitch”.) from Knitty for a few years now. I really like the simplicity and the shape of it, and when I think about making a new cardigan that’s the cardigan I want to wear, other crochet patterns just wouldn’t do.

So I started the project this week, it’s coming along slowly. Because I don’t usually knit I don’t have a collection of needles like I have with hooks. The needles I’m using were given to me by someone who no longer wanted them. I’m not even sure what size they are, but they seem to match (size, not colour) and work well with the Shetland Chunky I’m using. Actually, the different colour needles help me figure out the right side/wrong side. It just feels a lot slower than crocheting, but I’m determined to complete it, hopefully in time for early spring.

Another new thing I’ve started trying and learning is playing the ukulele. I bought a rather inexpensive (i.e. toy-grade) one yesterday with the help of my brother-in-law, who knows a lot about music (thanks Dan!). I didn’t want to invest too much in it because I’ve never been very musical and I don’t know whether I can keep it up, but I’d like to try anyway. Apparently kindergarten children learn ukulele at school nowadays, so if a 4 year-old can do it, I should be able to do it too! I found a useful tool to tune it last night, and tried to learn a few chords. I don’t have a very good sense of rhythm, so I’m having trouble with the strumming, but I hope to get better with practice.

And for the year of the rabbit I’m reading a new book, Watership Down by Richard Adams.

I’m still trying to get into the story, but it’s interesting so far. I love that it’s based on car ride stories — tales that the author has made up and improvised and told to his children during long or short car rides.

And finally, some good news! A sale came through my Etsy shop today! Hurray! I’ve had a couple of custom orders through friends since the shop opened, but this is the first order that actually came through the shop itself, from someone I don’t know! So I sent the Chinese Greens on their way today to their new home, along with lots of bubble wrap in case of a bumpy ride and an origami bird notecard for a sweet note that the Greens were asked to pass on.

Safe travels, my friends!

It’s a bit sad to see them go, but knowing that they can make someone else smile makes me happy.

The shop has been slow, and I have contemplated closing it down, actually. Honestly I haven’t really done a lot to promote it because, after all, I do enjoy sharing free patterns a lot more than trying to sell people things. But the first sale is a great encouragement, and I will continue to work on some ideas, and hopefully stock the shop with new things soon! :D

Thank you for visiting! Have a lovely day!



So! The custom order I have been working on earlier this month has gone to its new home, so I can finally show you what they are! :D I’ll share some of our favourites here, but you can also see the full set on flickr.

Yes, it’s a full set of alphabet fridge magnets with crochet food items. Each magnet stands 1 — 1.5 inches tall (the bunch o’grapes is the only one who is too tall for its kind, but the rest accepted him anyway). Mike came up with the catchy team name “alphafood” :D

Trying to figure out how to incorporate the letters took a bit of experimenting. At first I tried to crochet the letters, which looked alright…

But then when I got to “B” I had a hard time stopping it from morphing into an “8”. So I tried cutting the letters out from felt. I didn’t think it would work so well because none of my small scissors are super sharp, but between my one pair of large but sharp fabric scissors and my small dull scissors it actually worked out really well with all the letters. And then I just tacked them on with fabric glue and secured them with some stitches.

See? Much better :D

There’s something about cutting letters out by hand that I find really soothing. I do that a lot with paper, and I’m happy to know that it works with felt too. Some of my favourites are the banana…

… and the strawberry.

The radish is Mike’s favourite.

And this is where the give peas a chance pattern comes from.

It was fun to come up with food items that are not too obscure and would translate well in crochet at the same time. While working on them we had some friends over and they seemed really excited about guessing what some food items were. I didn’t expect it could turn into such a fun guessing game…

Everyone took a while to figure out this one.

V is for vegetable soup!

One person got this one right away, I was pretty impressed!

U is for ugli fruit!

I thought people would have trouble with this one, but they guessed it right away.

Q is for quesadilla! (topped with a Q‑shaped dollop of sour cream! :D)

Another proud member of the Mexican cuisine that people took a while to guess. (It didn’t help when I tried to give a hint by telling the riddle: “what do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?”)

N is for nacho! (a triangular nacho chip, dipped in bits of salsa and nacho cheese! :D)

Besides Xigua, which is Chinese for watermelon, I couldn’t find a food that starts with the letter “X”, and watermelon has already signed up to represent letter “W”. I found a forum where people were discussing food items that start with specific letters for writing a children’s alphabet book, and someone suggested the Hershey’s Kiss for “X”. I thought it was a fine idea.


I hope the alphafoods will make it fun to learn the alphabets for the little boy who’s getting them! :D

Meet everyone on the alphafood team on Flickr! :D

Feel free to drop me a note through my Etsy shop or send me an email at genuinemudpie[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to chat about custom orders!

Have a sweet weekend everyone!


Our plane arrived at sunset yesterday. Mike had window seat and we marveled at the blazing clouds and city lights as we landed. It was such a gift. What a wonderful conclusion to our amazing trip! :D

I will be uploading more trip photos to Flickr this week, will keep you posted!

Also, my shop has reopened! :D Order before Dec.6 (ready-to-ship plush) or Dec.4 (custom order plush) for Christmas delivery!

Have a wonderful week! :D