this week’s levitation


When it’s real­ly sun­ny out even my point and shoot cam­era works well with the lev­i­ta­tion shoots.


levitate20aMike and I spent an after­noon in the Dis­tillery. It was a bit cold and rainy so the streets were quite emp­ty, per­fect for pho­to shoots.








When peo­ple saw this they com­ment­ed that it looked like the crea­ture was suck­ing me into its mouth. But the sto­ry­line I had in my mind at the moment involves a ten­ta­tive encounter with a crea­ture that every­one was afraid of and avoid­ing, and find­ing out that there is noth­ing to be afraid of at all, that the crea­ture real­ly just wants to be under­stood. Much like an encounter with fear itself.



And for this one I was think­ing about Val­ley of the Wind, involv­ing a char­ac­ter who befriends mutant insects. This crea­ture used to have one giant red eye. Not sure why it does­n’t anymore.




Float­ing for­ward and rest­ing by the pond. These were tak­en with a phone. Not bad huh.


Have a great week, everyone!







a special levitation

This is the most recent lev­i­ta­tion shot, there are quite a few before this one, but I can’t wait to show you… 

… a new dress I made! :D



It’s from a pat­tern by Doris Chan and made with Mary Max­im Prism in a colour called Still Waters. It’s for going to a wed­ding in the fall :D The front clo­sure end­ed up back­wards, I don’t know how that hap­pened… but oh well. I real­ly love the yarn! And I love that the colour is called Still Waters. Was try­ing to do an inter­pre­tive lev­i­ta­tion of still waters. It’s unfor­tu­nate that I don’t have a bet­ter back­ground set­up for the pho­to. Maybe when I go to the wed­ding I can try again, some­thing to do between cer­e­mo­ny and recep­tion :D

I got moth­er of pearl but­tons from my favourite but­ton shop on Queen Street.

mother of pearl


More lev­i­ta­tion pho­tos to come! Have a great Fri­day! :D




perler bead earrings


After post­ing about the per­ler bead ear­rings sev­er­al days ago, I imme­di­ate­ly made a pair :D They look so sweet! And so quick to make. Kind of have a lacy look to them.

It was a very small craft project but it made me real­ly hap­py. There are so many things that I want to make and I post them on this blog, but I rarely make any of them.

The next day Mike and I went to Greg’s Ice Cream :D mmm crunchy malt.

Wish­ing every­one an awe­some start to the week!


this week’s awesome finds

Love these super cute jam-filled cook­ies :D from Accord­ing to Matt.


Turk­ish flat bead cro­chet — ever tried it? I’m intrigued… from Bead Cro­chet Snakes.


Aren’t this such a bril­liant idea? Press­ing plas­tic insects into cook­ie dough! Per­fect for a dinosaur-themed par­ty :D Fos­sil cook­ies from Martha Stew­art Liv­ing.


These owls just have an adorably sil­ly look to them. Pat­tern from Bun­ny Mum­my.


I love that these pret­ty birds are made of cro­cheted cir­cles! Also from Bun­ny Mum­my.


The loveli­est bal­let slip­pers from Green Drag­on­fly.


On the look­out for twigs… Spring branch neck­lace from Plan B.


These made out of per­ler beads! Sim­ply styl­ish. From The South­ern Insti­tute.


Have an awe­some week­end, everyone!











slowing down

garden snail


A sur­prise in the mail a cou­ple of weeks ago, from a won­der­ful friend who sent me this awe­some book. I am so grate­ful for the gen­eros­i­ty and thought­ful­ness! I love all the tiny crea­tures in it. I have been want­i­ng to make a gar­den snail for a while. It comes from this still, qui­et voice in my heart that says, “you need to slow down.” And here it is! A pat­tern for a tiny snail in the book! I just had to make it.

This past six months have been one emo­tion­al­ly intense thing after anoth­er. Here I am hop­ing things will just start slow­ing down, and so grate­ful for the gift that arrives at a moment where I need to be remind­ed of this slow­ing-down mes­sage the most.

Its anten­nae are inspired by these gor­geous amigu­ru­mi fid­dle­head ferns I saw on Craft :D


Wish­ing every­one a rest­ful, nour­ish­ing, re-ener­giz­ing weekend!




this week’s levitation

levitate15Rainy day.


levitate16Still so cold…


levitate17… but final­ly some spring sun­shine! (took this one with my own point & shoot rest­ing on a crack­er tin :D Not bad huh. Usu­al­ly these pic­tures are tak­en with Mike’s fanci­er camera)


Have been away from the blog for a while tak­ing care of final papers. I made a cardi­gan a while ago but still haven’t been able to post it! Hope to do that soon. 

Have a love­ly week, everyone.