this week’s levitation


When it’s really sunny out even my point and shoot camera works well with the levitation shoots.


levitate20aMike and I spent an afternoon in the Distillery. It was a bit cold and rainy so the streets were quite empty, perfect for photo shoots.








When people saw this they commented that it looked like the creature was sucking me into its mouth. But the storyline I had in my mind at the moment involves a tentative encounter with a creature that everyone was afraid of and avoiding, and finding out that there is nothing to be afraid of at all, that the creature really just wants to be understood. Much like an encounter with fear itself.



And for this one I was thinking about Valley of the Wind, involving a character who befriends mutant insects. This creature used to have one giant red eye. Not sure why it doesn’t anymore.




Floating forward and resting by the pond. These were taken with a phone. Not bad huh.


Have a great week, everyone!







a special levitation

This is the most recent levitation shot, there are quite a few before this one, but I can’t wait to show you… 

… a new dress I made! :D



It’s from a pattern by Doris Chan and made with Mary Maxim Prism in a colour called Still Waters. It’s for going to a wedding in the fall :D The front closure ended up backwards, I don’t know how that happened… but oh well. I really love the yarn! And I love that the colour is called Still Waters. Was trying to do an interpretive levitation of still waters. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a better background setup for the photo. Maybe when I go to the wedding I can try again, something to do between ceremony and reception :D

I got mother of pearl buttons from my favourite button shop on Queen Street.

mother of pearl


More levitation photos to come! Have a great Friday! :D




perler bead earrings


After posting about the perler bead earrings several days ago, I immediately made a pair :D They look so sweet! And so quick to make. Kind of have a lacy look to them.

It was a very small craft project but it made me really happy. There are so many things that I want to make and I post them on this blog, but I rarely make any of them.

The next day Mike and I went to Greg’s Ice Cream :D mmm crunchy malt.

Wishing everyone an awesome start to the week!


this week’s awesome finds

Love these super cute jam-filled cookies :D from According to Matt.


Turkish flat bead crochet — ever tried it? I’m intrigued… from Bead Crochet Snakes.


Aren’t this such a brilliant idea? Pressing plastic insects into cookie dough! Perfect for a dinosaur-themed party :D Fossil cookies from Martha Stewart Living.


These owls just have an adorably silly look to them. Pattern from Bunny Mummy.


I love that these pretty birds are made of crocheted circles! Also from Bunny Mummy.


The loveliest ballet slippers from Green Dragonfly.


On the lookout for twigs… Spring branch necklace from Plan B.


These made out of perler beads! Simply stylish. From The Southern Institute.


Have an awesome weekend, everyone!











slowing down

garden snail


A surprise in the mail a couple of weeks ago, from a wonderful friend who sent me this awesome book. I am so grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness! I love all the tiny creatures in it. I have been wanting to make a garden snail for a while. It comes from this still, quiet voice in my heart that says, “you need to slow down.” And here it is! A pattern for a tiny snail in the book! I just had to make it.

This past six months have been one emotionally intense thing after another. Here I am hoping things will just start slowing down, and so grateful for the gift that arrives at a moment where I need to be reminded of this slowing-down message the most.

Its antennae are inspired by these gorgeous amigurumi fiddlehead ferns I saw on Craft :D


Wishing everyone a restful, nourishing, re-energizing weekend!




this week’s levitation

levitate15Rainy day.


levitate16Still so cold…


levitate17… but finally some spring sunshine! (took this one with my own point & shoot resting on a cracker tin :D Not bad huh. Usually these pictures are taken with Mike’s fancier camera)


Have been away from the blog for a while taking care of final papers. I made a cardigan a while ago but still haven’t been able to post it! Hope to do that soon. 

Have a lovely week, everyone.