yarncrafting resolution

Here’s a list of projects that I’d like to work on in 2012 :D


Been wanting to try weaving for a long time. I want to try my hands on it so maybe I can do this with groups :D (instruction from Full Circle)


This trilobite is calling my name… (free pattern on Ravelry)


I have a lot of blue yarn that would be quite nice for this pattern. Also a great way to learn to make cables. ALSO knitted flat and seamed together :D (I have quite a bit of trouble using circular needles) Picturing it with some round buttons with flowers printed on them. (free pattern from Stitch Nation)


This would be the next step up after the cable cardigan. It’s a pattern from a book and I borrowed it from the library. I can’t quite understand the pattern right now but I can probably ask my knitting friends to help, which means knitting/crocheting tea parties are in order! :D


In the meanwhile, I’ll practice my knitting with hats :D I made this hat I found on Ravelry for Mike for Christmas, and I’m planning on making a longer one for myself, so it’s a bit slouchy, because I lost my perfect slouch hat on the bus earlier in the fall :’(


A pretty manageable list, I think. Will keep you posted on the progress!

Happy new year, friends! Wishing you a wonderful year of good health, new inspirations and life-enriching creativity!


star stitch continued


Using the same star stitch in the candy apple hooded circle scarf, I made a coat! :D It was a semester-long project, something to work on when I needed some time away from my papers, or some crocheting time to reward myself with after finishing a paper.

It’s basically just rectangles of various sizes sewn together to make the coat. 

This diagram demonstrates how the pieces are put together. 



After the front and back and the sleeves are attached as pictured, I folded entire piece in half along shoulder seam, then sewed together the seams along the underside of the sleeves and the sides of the body. 

Then I made the ribbed collar along the front edges and the back neck edge. The ribbing is 19 ch across, attached to the coat as it was made.

Finally, I crocheted a row of sc along each sleeve cuff and the bottom of the coat, and with slip stitches I made button loops along the edge of the ribbed collar the right front.

This construction would probably work for a different stitch pattern, one could customize measurements to one’s liking.

But I love the texture of the star stitch.


Hope your holiday has been wonderful. Counting down to 2012! :D


candy apple continued


I decided to add a hood to the candy apple infinity scarf I made earlier in the fall because the weather started to get cold enough that I needed to wear hats but I couldn’t find a hat to match the scarf.

I sewed buttons to the hood so it’s detachable. The larger gaps between the stitches in the scarf act as button holes.


What the hood looks like without scarf… 


It was just a long rectangle folded in half, then sewn on one side. I used the same star stitch pattern and started with 51 ch, then followed the pattern until the piece was about 8 inches tall.


Side view…


I wore it to the Christmas market at the Distillery! :D


Kind of like a giant space helmet worn on top of my coat… but it’s merry and bright! :D

Have a lovely Wednesday!



Merry Christmas!


… the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Matthew 2: 9–11


May your Christmas and new year be filled with hope, peace and joy.




holiday deliciousness

Was making wonton for a get together the other night. After all the meat filling was used up there were five wrappers left. I remembered reading somewhere once upon a time about this wonton wrapper crisps and have always wanted to try making it, so I did :D


They were delicious :D The wrappers were brushed on both sides with melted margarine, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, and baked on a baking sheet at 300°F until it’s golden brown… can’t tell how long it took because I was busy making noodles while it baked… I just checked periodically.

And then a very thoughtful friend brought homemade egg tart! :D One of my absolute favourites!


Have a sweet Thursday! 


day of the jelly fish

Remember I mentioned that I bought a super awesome necklace from City of Craft the other day? This is it, the jelly fish!


Isn’t it spectacular? It’s like a water droplet with a tiny jelly fish in it :D (it’s all made of glass — when I showed it to people everyone asked me if it were a real jelly fish. No jelly fish was harmed in the making of this, I assure you.) It’s made by Tosca Teran, a local glass and metal artist (I am hoping to take a class with her one day!). Never seen anything like this before. So after circling back to the booth several times I finally bought it. 

And then it inspired me to make a painting of jelly fish.


It’s painted on the back cover of an old book. See?


An old book called The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White. I love the cover with the writer’s signature in gold foil.


The water stain on the lower right corner was already there when I found the book. Kind of goes with the other two jelly fish. Also has fabulous green end papers :D


Hope your week is filled with new inspirations! 



day of the octopus


My friend was wearing the octopus necklace from ModCloth and I was really admiring it, and then a couple of weeks later I was at the bead store and saw an octopus charm exactly like it! Well, not exactly, the tentacles are tangled differently and it’s hung differently, with an extra ring at the bottom of one of its tentacles for beads or whatnot, but I bought it! For $1.50!

And right outside the bead store there was a giant octopus!


And then I found the perfect bead to add to the octopus from Bumbershoot Supplies. They are sea-water green with bubbles in the glass. And the seller is super quick and so very friendly :D


Though I didn’t realize how delicate these glass beads were and accidentally cracked one while trying to close a jump ring around it :( Second try was more successful.






Have a happy Sunday, friends!


weekend wonders

These are actually from the past few weekends. The city is looking festive! :D

Two weeks ago we wandered past Campbell House Museum and it happened to be free-entry day! Have been wanting to visit for a long time.


There were lovely cloved oranges in bowls around the house…


Tea dispenser! Wouldn’t it be great if I have one of these at home…


Community Christmas banquet at church. Someone brought a smiley face cheese cake ^_^


This past weekend was the weekend of craft shows! I missed my annual trip to the One of a Kind show because of school work *grumble*, but found out about City of Craft, and it was WAY more fun. Check out the pom pom garlands! The vendors were all amazing. Bought a super awesome print from Jacob Rolfe and a magical glass pendant (it deserves a post of its own — stay tuned!), and I even won one of the top door prizes! Will definitely remember this for next year.


Wandered pass White Squirrel Way :D Thinking of Al McFluffytail


Best Christmas window display ever! Outside Magic Pony. Note the plush Totoros! :D (My face was kind of frozen though. It was a rather cold day…)


Also visited the Wychwood Barns for the holiday art market (it used to be a streetcar barn before turning into a community centre for studios, galleries and offices). Love the rainbow chimney, reminds me of Nyan Cat (by the way, have you seen the Nyan Catbus? :D)


It also has nice giant numbers, which Mike would really like, but he wasn’t there with me, so I took a photo for him.


Mike’s office had a cookie contest and he signed up to be a judge, and he brought home all the cookies he tasted (so they all had a corner cut off for the tasting)! 



Have a sweet weekend, friends!



shop revisited

I have plush in my shop again! :D Since I had to list a custom order I re-listed the ornaments as well. 

There’s a s’more… he’s in stock.


And snow mushrooms… 


The snow mushrooms in the picture have been sold, so they are made to order, and will likely look like this one…


With the ribbon loop instead of jute. And has gills under its cap! :D (the old ones didn’t have gills.)


Drop by for a visit if you have a minute! :D



more awesome finds for Christmas crafting!


Awesome wine glass snow globes, can even double as a candle holder! How-to on Family Chic.


Simple crocheted snowflakes, stiffened with white glue! Instruction on Craft.


And then a snowflake that kids can make, with sparkly salt! From Frugal Family Fun.


Melted snowman ornament! XD How-to on Flexible Dreams.


Rings made of silver spoons! I’ve always liked the ornamental details on silverware. Instruction on Through the Front Door.


And roses made of plastic spoons! Pretty incredible eh? Instruction on Cut Out and Keep.


A sculptural Rudolph! :D Crochet pattern on Cult of Crochet.


I bookmarked this because I saved Coke cans with polar bears on them and have been wanting to cut out the polar bears and turn them into necklace charms. This looks awesome with the dimensional glaze! From Diary of a Crafty Lady.


An alternative to plain ol’ photo albums. Hexagon explosion box from Crafts for All Seasons.


Spotted on Pinterest — no instruction, but pretty self-explanatory. Great for carrying gold fish crackers around! :D


Candy lights! Add a few giant candy cane decorations and turn the house into a gingerbread house! :D From Oh Happy Day.