public art

So, in my previous post about our Quebec trip I wrote that there was this amazing public art exhibition happening in old Quebec. It was called Les Passages Insolites (The Unusual Passages — you can read more about each piece and the artists on the exhibition site). And I thought, what’s a better way to appreciate public art than to be part of it? :D

This one I’m most proud of. Delirious Frites (Noodle Delirium).

delirious frites


Attempted to fit into the interlocked pile of stuff. Also, perfect for a game of eye-spy. Stock en Transit (Stock in Transit).

stock en transit

Not intentional, but wearing brightly coloured shoes and cardigan certainly helps me blend in to these particular installations.

This one was especially delightful :D L’Odyseé (The Odyssey).


The installation also includes two other pigeons and a Campbell soup can. Here’s the full view of it :D



This one isn’t part of the exhibition, but equally fun. The Mural of Qubecers commemorates the histories of lower town.

the mural of quebecers


So here we find ourselves at the end of summer, but more exciting things are afoot! Possibly a crochet-along… stay tuned if you enjoy crafting together :D

Have a wonderful Thursday!


green flying squirrel

Photo 2014-05-24, 4 38 25 PM

Finally finished the pineapple top from Vogue Crochet. I used #10 thread and had to scale down to a 2.5 mm hook, so it looks less cozy than the one in the magazine and a bit more summery, I think.

And the dolman sleeves, they remind me of a flyer squirrel.

I like how it turned out with the mint green. I’ve never worn this colour before. The cashier at Michaels said it’s one of their “hot new colours” that just came in. And I bought all that they had on the shelf :P

Here’s a closer look at it.


And the sleeves…


And another attempt at embodying the green flying squirrel.



Have a happy Sunday! :D





It may finally be here.


april levitation

So, here I am, coming out of hibernation and getting back into the swing of things…

And I also want to show you this beautiful stained glass cross the children put up for Easter at our tiny storefront church. It’s made with tissue paper and contact paper, and it’s so lovely with the sunlight shining through it.


Wishing you a refreshed, joy-filled week!


levitating into the holidays

winter levitate

It’s harder to take levitating photos these days now that it’s so cold out. It’s not so big a problem for the person jumping because jumping repetitively helps one keep warm, but it’s probably torturous for the person taking photos, to be standing still, hands exposed in the freezing air, taking shot after shot. Fortunately for us it was warming up a bit last week, and the snow makes for a nice picture. This picture only took five jumps or so.

Have a happy Sunday!



Photo 11-3-2013, 3 15 11 PM - Copy

It’s been grey and rainy for the past few days, but the sun is finally out today. The fall trees looked like they were glowing in the sunshine. The brightness makes for sharp levitating photos too :D

Hope you have a great start to the week!



trip to the capital city


Two weeks ago we went to Ottawa for my cousin’s wedding. It was a rather short trip but we got to visit the Rideau Canal before heading home. The fall colours were lovely. And I found an owl! :D



The wedding was held at this castle-like hotel. It was one of the most glamorous weddings I’ve ever been invited to, and so very happy to see my cousin marrying her true love! :D



So throughout the summer I worked on adding a sash to this dress so it looks a bit more formal for the occasion…



… and I clipped this fabric flower I made on the back. I also bought this vintage porcelain rose earring and necklace set from a very friendly shop owner on Etsy. I thought it matched my dress well :) 



The hotel was right next door to Parliament Hill. A levitating photo is in order.



Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 


still here…

… and still levitating!



It’s been another long stretch of time since I’ve written. Have been really busy with reading and assignments. But one’s got to stretch between pages (it actually helped with the stiffness in the legs after sitting for hours).

I’m actually working really slowly on a crochet pattern that I want to share. I’ve been reading so much and trying to wrap my head around different things that my brain hurts. But crocheting helps. So does the new Plants vs Zombies :D (brrrraaaainnnsssss.….) I’m running off to to either one of those things right after I’m finished writing here…

So I hope to share the pattern with you soon! 

And I hope you have an excellent start to the week!


levitating in chicago


This was taken at the Art Institute. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but with the lush green trees filtering the sunlight, the sound of the fountain and the significantly cooler air in the shade, it felt as though it was an elven garden.



On the waterfront between Grant Park and Millennium Park.


Didn’t take as many levitating photos as I hoped. We took public transit and walked everywhere, my legs were too tired to jump on most days :S But I’m happy with the two we took :D

Have a happy Sunday, everyone! 


levitating like it’s 1920

peculiar me in 1920


I came across this book in the bookstore earlier in the week — a peculiar levitating child on the cover! I would have loved to read it when I was in my preteen years. I was really into haunted stories and such. But I’ve gotten more and more wimpy as I age, and I shy away from books like this lest it gives me nightmares. But it gave me an idea for a levitation photo, as we were going to a Gatsby-themed garden party this weekend at the Spadina Museum, and I thought it might be funny taking a similarly peculiar photo at a historic garden dressed in costume :D

Here’s a more cheerful version. The roses are gorgeous!

cheerful 1


Another cheerful version.

cheerful 2


Cheerful guest appearance by Mike :D (he never thinks what I do is too silly for him to join in. Isn’t he the most awesome?)

cheerful 3


We were looking forward to this ever since we heard about it weeks ago and were excitedly preparing our costumes :D Mike bought suspenders and a bow tie, and I bought a dress from the thrift store and made a hat from this pattern. I really liked the flower pattern on the crown.

party hat


 People come with such beautiful costumes!

party guests


There was a live band (note the musician playing the washboard! :D)

party band


Mike in 1920.

mike in 1920


Sunshine croquet :D

sunshine croquet


Mike joined in the dancing :D

party dance


I loved the beautiful plants inside and outside the house.

green house


spadina house


We had the most excellent time (and lots of pink lemonade) :D

Hope you have an awesome week!