moonrise amanita


I was mak­ing this while watch­ing Moon­rise King­dom. Kind of goes with the feel of the movie, I think :)

I fol­lowed this pat­tern for the round base, but made up my own mush­room. The cap is a cup shape fold­ed in half, and the stem is 2 rows of slip stitch­es. The whites spots are made of french knots, and the grass is embroidered.

Sewed a pin back on.


It’s almost Fri­day! Hope you have a good week­end with a spir­it-nour­ish­ing dose of creating :)


springtime raglan


Prob­a­bly nice for fall or win­ter too :D And with this cool sum­mer weath­er we are hav­ing, I was actu­al­ly wear­ing it the evening I fin­ished sewing it all together.

Real­ly like those raglan shirts/sweaters with con­trast­ing lace sleeves that I’ve been see­ing on peo­ple late­ly. Have a lot of white yarn left after mak­ing this shawl, so I thought I’d try mak­ing some­thing up.

Here’s a clos­er look at it :)

springtime (2)


I drew kind of a stitch dia­gram as I went along, but not sure if I’m capa­ble to trans­lat­ing it into words… will def­i­nite­ly share if I do come up with a pattern.

Hope you have a good weekend!



pixie dust

Photo 2007-03-09, 8 57 03 AM

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pix­ie dust.”
― J.M. Bar­rie, Peter Pan

Exper­i­ment­ing with Peter Pan col­lars. Made this one fol­low­ing this pat­tern (though skip­ping a few rounds in the mid­dle) with thread and a 2.5mm hook. Found a very nice glit­tery but­ton to go with it, glit­tery like pix­ie dust.


It’s a great improve­ment to my plain black sweater dress!

Wish­ing you a good rest of the week!




this week’s awesome finds

Beau­ti­ful sun print tote by Alisa Burke.

Super fun stack­able burg­er pil­low by Please Note.

Amaz­ing­ly sim­ple banana frozen ice cream by Now That’s Pret­ty.

Tiny kit­ty — so CUTE!!! — by While She Naps.

Per­fect sum­mer skirt! I love the print (appar­ent­ly from Ikea!). On Make.

Love the sim­plic­i­ty and bold­ness of this neck­lace, espe­cial­ly love that it’s cro­chet. By Chabe GS Cro­chet Design.

I will have to make this when we have the space for it. T‑shirt rug by Cro­chet in Pater­nos­ter.

I like this top, and it’s actu­al­ly most­ly knit­ted flat! By Lion Brand Yarn.

This! Made by a rice cook­er! Must try soon. Epic rice cook­er pan­cake by Rock­et News 24.

A seashell head­band (a crown, actu­al­ly!) fit for a sea king, or queen, or mer­maid. By How Did You Make That?

More ocean­ic fun with this build-a-squid web­site (thanks Amy!), spot­ted on Cute Over­load.

More sea crea­tures to cro­chet, with this get whale soon tis­sue box cov­er, extra awe­some with its pun­ni­ness. By Moo­gly.

And while we’re at it, why knot mak­ing some nau­ti­cal knot bracelets to add to the fun? (okay, I’ll stop. But you can find the how-to on the Etsy blog.)

Def­i­nite­ly mak­ing the mush­room one. And maybe the hedge­hog one too… And is that an owl? :D These are so much fun. Cro­chet but­tons by Rav­el­ry design­er Kathrin Bardeleben.

Have a crafty weekend!


Meet Moshi! The pock­et-sized and slight­ly elon­gat­ed cousin of Yoshi.



He was made for a swap :D request­ed by my very tal­ent­ed swap part­ner, who made a very sweet gift for my friend. (But I can’t show you the gift yet because I haven’t yet giv­en it to my friend)

Here’s a clos­er look at him :D he’s made free-form cro­chet style.


Like I said, he turned out slight­ly elon­gat­ed com­pared to Yoshi, and his back­side look a bit strange… but he does have his spikes, and sad­dle, and orange boots with yel­low soles.


Wish­ing you a won­der­ful weekend!




luna 1

Made this shawl for a semi-for­mal event I was attend­ing, fol­low­ing this pat­tern. The sym­met­ri­cal fan pat­tern reminds me of a moth. A moth the colour of moonlight.

Here’s how it looks on the front, and the beau­ti­ful Win­ter Gar­den The­ater where the event was held. Its ceil­ing dec­o­rat­ed with dried beech leaves and lanterns, and the walls paint­ed in water­colour… so magical…

luna 2


Now mov­ing on to four projects to be done before Sep­tem­ber! So grate­ful for the time to cro­chet :D

Wish­ing you a love­ly Wednesday!