april flowers


I love blooming trees. They make the city look happy and new.




The African violet on my desk is doing really well this spring — look at this bouquet! It’s really too generous, I rarely fertilize it (I do talk to it though), but every time I trim the leaves it produces more flowers.


And tulips are out in the nearby park!


And a very cool floating flower table decor at a cafe Mike and I went to.


And they had starry ceiling lights.


Wishing you a great start to the week! :D



this week’s awesome finds

Magnolia napkin rings made from paper plates, from the always awesome Aunt Peaches.


Screen printing with embroidery hoop, nylons and mod podge, would really love to give it a try! From Calico Skies


Ruched leggings made from t‑shirts. Looks like the tutorial is for kids-size leggings, but maybe I can find an extra extra large t‑shirt in the men section and it will work for me… From Luvin the Mommyhood.


I once saw a shirt at a thrift store that had a piece of sad-looking toast on it and it said “I feel crumby”. So regretting not buying it! But I can now make my own crumby toast with polymer clay, and also happy ones :D From Craft Leftovers.


Make a desktop calendar with a cassette tape case! Brilliant. From Pysselbolaget.


Also brilliant is plasticine art framed in a CD case. From I Made It So.


Funky stripped socks for chairs! :D I’m thinking they would make really great house warming gifts. Pattern on Simply Notable.


It’s like my teacup mushrooms, except with real plants! Going to make this next time I pick up some teacups from the thrift store :D From Sew Trashy.


Made from sewing two silk scarves together. Simply awesome. From Talk 2 the Trees.


Bear, made from a sock. Very neat. Spotted on The Meta Picture.


Very sophisticated-looking origami bows. Folding diagram via How About Orange.


Wouldn’t this make an awesome pin? :D Pattern is in Italian but Google translate does a pretty good job. From Il blog di Laura.


Have a wonderful Monday! :D



a long overdue shop update!

Spent the past week crocheting and sewing, and finally a shop update! :D I haven’t been putting a lot of effort into the Etsy shop, to be honest, but my friend has just opened a physical shop downtown and I really wanted to make some stuff for her, so I thought I’d put some new stuff in my shop as well :D


I had this idea in my head for a long time, a grassy brooch with flowers on it, but couldn’t figure out what I should use to make the flowers, what kind of flowers I want to make, etc. It finally all came together when the weather was getting warm and the dandelions started blooming, and I was reminded of the backyard in my family’s first home in Canada. It was in Northern Ontario and we had wild roses and, of course, dandelions in the yard. We’ve never had a yard or garden in Hong Kong, so this was quite new to us. We planted other things too, like pansies. But the wild roses and dandelions, they’re the ones that came back spring after spring without watering, tenaciously, persistently, care-free.

So! The spring garden brooch is in the shop! :D



I also made an oval one.


The brooches were a lot of fun to make. I’m hoping to make more soon, maybe with different flowers.

And here’s snow mushroom’s cousin, spring mushroom! :D


Spring mushrooms like sunbathing and picnicking on sunny days and falling asleep to the sound of the rain. He has shiny sequins on his cap. 


There’s also another cousin of snow mushroom, the snowflake mushroom. She will be living in my friend’s shop.


Snowflake mushroom has snowflakes on her cap.


The original snow mushroom is still available at the shop :D

And here are the ones I’m bringing to my friend’s shop — the teacup mushrooms!

It’s also an idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while. The grassy bit is a lid, so one could put things in the teacup, like candy, loose change, a rock collection, love notes…

Here’s another one…


When I was at the thrift store I saw these glassware and I thought these would be just perfect for the snow mushrooms! So I had to make them too.


They have sparkly beads on their caps :D


The teacup and glassware mushrooms are only at my friend’s shop for now, but I’d be happy to making them on commission :D


It was a blissful week crocheting, drinking tea and watching Gil Grissom solve crimes…

The mushrooms and I wish you a lovely weekend! :D 




simply minty

Saturday, movie night (Ponyo! I highly recommend it :D), perfect time for a mint hot chocolate.

Mike saw a “recipe” for making mint hot chocolate in our local grocery store’s flyer. We made a pot of peppermint tea and dissolved hot chocolate mix with it. It’s that simple :D


It was surprisingly VERY minty. Will have to make this again soon.

I tried to avoid getting clutter into the hot chocolate photos as much as possible, but as you may guess the coffee table is yet again covered in buttons, yarn, hooks and needles. I’m working on some new projects for a friend’s new shop for handmade stuff! Can’t wait to show you when I’m done :D

Have a great evening!



super awesome week :D

Last week was the first week after school was done, I quickly filled it with trips to the craft/bead/fabric stores and a craft day with friends!

Found an acorn charm for 75¢ at the bead store :D It’s my new favourite necklace at the moment.


Then my friend and I went to the friendly fabric store down the street from the bead store, and African print cotton was on sale! Going to make more square blouses (like the blue one in this post).


Later in the week a friend came over to make uniforms for her floor hockey team. We made stencils out of transparency plastic (I happen to have stacks of them at home) and applied fabric paint on the t‑shirts with a cut-up kitchen sponge.


We printed 22 shirts! One set of navy blue and one set of white. They were lying on the couch drying…


And my friend brought over homemade macarons! :D They were so good… felt so completely spoiled!


A very pretty pink one with green tea filling :D


Have a great start to the week!




cherry blossom festival!

There isn’t an official festival, but every year I treat it like it’s a festival :D






We went a bit early this year and the trees are not all in bloom, but exciting nonetheless! Even brought a picnic of bacon and tomato sandwiches this year :D


Sakura mochi also enjoying the picnic and nice weather.


We sat beside a tree with some grassy moss growing on it.


Then we walked around and came across this strong tree by the water.


And a red-winged black bird!


Have a happy Sunday!





happy sweet 2nd! :D

genuine mudpie is two! :D

To celebrate I’ve written my very first garment pattern! 


A party sweater, kind of like the rainbow cake from genuine mudpie’s first birthday. The colour scheme also reminds me of pictures of circus in children’s books :D

The pink and yellow are scrap yarn given to me so I don’t really know what they are. The pink is probably acrylic but the yellow feels like mohair. I like how the the fuzziness gives it different textures. 


I didn’t make this up all by myself though. It’s inspired by this knitted sweater by Kate Knits. I love the shape of it and really wanted to make it but I couldn’t understand the knitting instruction. So I thought maybe I can make up something similar with crochet.

I also don’t know how to calculate stitch counts for different sizes, but here’s the dimension of the one I made, and I’ll provide some guidelines for making smaller/larger sizes. It’s measure-as-you-go and customizable :D

Note: I blocked the top part of the sweater before taking the measurements below.


As you can see, the construction is fairly straightforward, and it works up very quickly (I made it over the Easter long weekend while watching action movies on TV :D). Though I messed up the stitch calculation for the shell pattern rows in the one I made, but I think I’ve got it figured out now for the written pattern. But since this is the first time I try writing a garment pattern there may be lots of mistakes — so if you try it and spot anything wonky please let me know, I’d greatly appreciate any corrections and feedback!

So let’s get to it! :D

Yarn: I used four 50g balls of sport weight yarn for the main colour (MC), plus a bit of pink (C1) and yellow (C2). If you’re making a larger size more yarn will be required. 

Hook: 6mm — I wanted the gauge to be pretty loose so the fabric will drape nicely.

Sweater is crocheted flat, bottom up, in two identical pieces (front and back) and sewn together at the shoulder seams and side/underarm seams.

Guidelines for smaller/larger sizes are in italics.


With MC, ch 56.

For smaller/larger size, minus or add 6 stitches in the foundation ch. 6 stitches measures about 2″. 

Row 1: hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each ch across, turn. (55 hdc — the beginning ch counts as an hdc)

Row 2: ch 2 (turning ch counts as an hdc.), hdc in next hdc, hdc in each hdc across, hdc in top of beginning ch, turn.

Repeat row 2 until piece measures 13.5″.

For smaller/larger sizes, crochet to desired length measuring from underarm. Each hdc row measures about 0.5″.


Row 1: at the end of last row of body, ch 7, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each of the next 5 ch, hdc in each hdc across, hdc in top of beginning ch. Take hook off loop, but don’t fasten off.

Attach a separate ball of MC to the top of the hdc that is directly below the last hdc just made, ch 6, fasten off.

Place hook back in the loop where it was left off at the end of last row, hdc in each of the 6 ch just made, turn.

For smaller/larger size, minus or add multiples of 3 ch on each of the sleeves, just be mindful that the total stitch count needs to be a multiple of 6 plus 1 for the shell pattern later on.

Row 2: ch 2 (turning ch counts as an hdc.), hdc in next hdc, hdc in each hdc across, hdc in top of beginning ch, turn.

Repeat row 2 seven more times.

For smaller/larger sizes, measure from top of shoulder to underarm, then minus 4″ (shell pattern rows),  and crochet to that length measuring from the start of the sleeves. Each hdc row measures about 0.5″.

Shell pattern rows:

Fasten off MC, attach C1.

Row 1: ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc in first hdc, skip next 2 hdc, sc in next hdc, *skip next 2 hdc, 5dc in next dc, skip next 2 hdc, sc in next hdc*. Repeat from * to * until last 3 hdc, 3 dc in top of turning ch, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, sc in first dc, skip next 2 dc, *5 dc in next sc, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc, skip next 2 dc*. Repeat from * to * until last 3 dc, sc in top of turning ch.

Fasten off C1, attach C2

Row 1: ch 3, 2 dc in sc, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc, *skip next 2 dc, 5 dc in next sc, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc*. Repeat from * to *, 3 dc in last sc, turn.

Repeat row 2 of C1.

Fasten off C2, attach C1. Repeat rows 1 and 2 of C2.

Fasten off C1, attach MC.

MC row: ch 2, hdc and dc in first sc, skip next 2 dc, hdc in next dc, skip next 2 dc, *[dc, hdc, sc, hdc, dc] in next sc, skip next 2 dc, hdc in next dc, skip next 2 sc*. Repeat from * to * until last 3 dc, hdc in top of turning ch, turn.


ch 2, hdc in each of next 13 hdc, dc tog next 2 hdc, fasten off.

Count 15 stitches from the end of the row toward the center, attach MC to the 15th stitch. ch 2, dc tog next 2 hdc, hdc in each hdc across, hdc in turning hdc, fasten off.

For smaller/larger sizes, measure how wide you want the neck opening to be and the width of your shoulders, and determine the stitch count for the shoulders row accordingly.

Repeat entire piece once more.

Sew shoulder seams together. 

Attach MC to center back of neck, sl st in each st around neckline, fasten off and weave in ends.

Sew underarm and side seams together. Weave in ends.

Attach MC to center back of the bottom of the sweater, ch 1, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in each st around, sl st in first sc, fasten off and weave in ends. 

Note: I didn’t crochet a finishing round around the arm openings, I just made sure that I weaved in all the ends neatly.

Block if desired.

And it’s done! :D 


Here’s to a second wonderful year in the blogosphere! Thank you so much for journeying with me, looking forward to sharing more crafty adventures and everyday inspirations with you :D




all-purpose cardigan


Have been looking for an all-purpose cardigan a while. You know, a cardigan that will go with anything. I followed this pattern, and used a neutral grey wool, with a soft yellow border to make it a bit more interesting.

I made it over the past month while working on final papers. It kept me from losing my mind :)

And now that school is out I’ve been experimenting on a new pattern for the blogiversary of genuine mudpie! I know, I’m a month late (it was sometimes in the middle of March, but I was so busy it came and went before I realized it), but I suppose better late than never! It’s my very first garment pattern, will be posting it once I have it blocked and photographed :D

Also went on our annual cherry blossom viewing this weekend! Will be posting about that soon as well. Lots of blogging to do this week! :D Yay end of semester!

Have a great start to the week, everyone!




this week’s awesome finds

I meant to write this post earlier, but have been busy writing the one final paper for the school year — and it’s done! Hurray! But before I knew it, there are only 30 minutes till Easter Friday! A little late for Easter crafts, I suppose. But who says marshmallow peeps and sheep can only be around during Easter?


Cable sheep! I think I can make this one after a whole lot of practicing on this shrug :D From Lion Brand Yarn (free, but sign-in required).


How CUTE!! A felt marshmallow peep! From Michael Ann Made.


I was never successful in blowing out an egg. Rocks are nice hardy alternatives! :D From Candice Ashment Art.


A very nicely designed origami bunny. Link to the diagram on How About Orange


And now, some all-year crafts! An amigurumi crochet hook! How cool is that? Pattern on Nerdigurumi.


I’m only able to grab a very small image, but you can see how cute this is :D Pattern (and larger images) for fortune cookie baby booties on Craftsy. The dollar stores sell those Chinese takeout boxes, don’t they?


Brilliant way to repurpose an old chopping board. From Family Chic.


This would make an awesome shirt pattern! Must get myself some wooden clothespins… From Easy Peasy Pie.


Happy Easter, everyone!