this week’s awesome finds

I thought I‑cords are always made with those I‑cord makers, didn’t know that it could be knitted on needles. Elizabeth’s Zimmermann’s I‑cord tutorial, from the Purl Bee.


Children’s scribbles made stylish by the magic of shrink plastic, from Michelle Dupuis at Rust & Sunshine. (I especially love the awesome necklace in the post)


More shrink plastic goodness — this is so very cute! From Ishtar Olivera.


Did you know that wire can be made out of pop bottles? How fascinating. Saw this on WikiHow.


Awesome wire tutorial (along with many other basic wire tutorials too — I’ve always wanted to learn wirework skills!). So generously shared by Eat Breath Design.   


Love the idea of a memory bank. Can be made out of any piggy bank. One could even make a piggy bank. Instead of money, it saves items with emotional values like love notes and ticket stubs. Spotted on Swissmiss.


We need to make this, Mike! Book cover for wireless router, from Apartment Therapy.


Looks pretty straight forward and I like the pockets. Might be a good step up from my square blouses and square skirts. From Crafterhours.


Ooooh. Très chic. Very simple material too. From Elisa McLaughlin Design.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!





3 times a sweater…

This is the third time I’ve taken something apart to reuse this yarn. I used it to make this jacket (too clunky) and this sweater (too big). The yarn is getting all fuzzy and splitty with all the unraveling. 

Hopefully this is the last time. This IS the last time. I’m in fact quite happy with how the latest sweater turned out. It fits well. (using a new photo background too, you see :D)


I like how the rows of mesh line up on the bodice and sleeves. Kind of a geometric feel.


The pattern is from the May/June 2012 issue of Crochet Today magazine. 

Now I just have to wait until fall to wear it :D

Happy Tuesday! 




treasures from the yardage sale

Visited a yardage sale at the Textile Museum this week! 


I didn’t take this picture, was too busy digging into the piles of fabric. I found the picture from Strand News, probably from last year’s yardage sale? It’s just as crowded, if not more crowded, this year! There were lineups going into the multiple tents and once inside it was shoulder-to-shoulder from one end of the tent to the other. 

At the end I brought home these small pieces. I thought they’d make good fabric-covered buttons (note the chicken in a pot piece! Not sure what to do with it yet but it’s so awesome-looking I had to bring it home).


Tiny strawberries, isn’t it so sweet?


This is a larger piece, enough to make a dress. I like the tiny splashes of bright colours in it.


Thinking about using it to make this dress in particular…


From the book I Am Cute Dress (got the picture from the Craftypod review). Not sure if you can see it in the picture but the front button panel shifts downward, creating some interesting-looking folds.

It requires drawing a pattern, so I’ll have to wait until summer school is over…

But a necklace! A necklace I can make in half an hour or so! :D


From the yardage sale I bought these bright red glass beads (about 10 mm in diameter). I strung them together on a teal piece of yarn with double knots in between :D

I didn’t have clasps. So I made my own with some wire.


I made the top a couple of weeks ago. Bought the fabric when I was in high school and made a peasant shirt with it. I wore that shirt a lot, I liked how soft the fabric was. It got paint on it and the elastics were all loose, so I had to retire it. But I recently found the leftover fabric at my parents’, just enough to make a square top :D


Have a great week everyone!




another cubby update


Good news! The rings and earrings sold well, so I spent the past weekend making more :D

Amongst the new things that I tried, my favourite is the nest ring. A friend gave me a large bag of scrap yarn and I found this lush green yarn in it. Thought it would make a nice cozy spring nest.


Reminds me of the green nest in this game that Mike has been playing, called Tiny Wings.

And then there was the coral ring, with a sparkly button in the centre.


These aren’t for the shop, I made them for my brother and sister-in-law because they moved to a new home :D and they love wearing buttons.


But they inspired the idea for this ocean love necklace.


The updated cubby! :D


On a crochet-related note, I started on this pullover from Vogue Crochet! (I was so excited when the issue came out :D)


Ah, kind of a small picture, but if you click on it it will bring you to the page where you can view a larger image. 

I got confused by stitch count for the first pattern row because I was watching an especially exciting episode of Grimm at the same time, so I’ll have to start over. But isn’t it beautiful? I like it.


Have a happy Thursday!




Been working on a couple of owl projects lately. I can show them to you now that they’ve safely arrived at their new homes :D

Knitted this cup sleeve for a friend who loves owls and caramel macchiato. From a pattern I found on Ravelry (there are several if you search “owl cup sleeve”, and I can’t remember which one I used…).


It’s my first time knitting in the round since I was a teenager! Definitely don’t remember how to do it anymore, good thing a knitter friend helped me start the first few rows (I got so confused :S). I thought the owls looked really smart with their orange eyes. It also works as a wrist warmer :D


Then I crocheted these owls for another friend while watching The Owls of Ga’hoole :D

The pink one’s a pin, the yellow one’s a magnet, and the white one’s an ornament — I took the picture before stitching the ribbon to the top of his head.

They were inspired by this crochet owl pattern.

Have a great start to the week, everyone! :D



cubby update!


Making more stuff for my friend Jessica’s shop. This simple ring was my favourite out of the batch. I called it the robin’s egg.

Love the red and teal together. The button is iridescent. Even used a metallic thread to sew on the button for a bit of sparkle. Was tempted to keep it but I don’t really wear rings other than my wedding band.


On another thought, I think I will bring it home if it doesn’t get sold by the end of the month :P

Some cherry blossom rings.


Made ring stands for them out of an old birthday card I received. 


Tried something new and made fabric covered buttons. My friend who is the shop owner said that earrings are popular. Have been wanting to try making fabric covered buttons for a while, but haven’t found a trustworthy glue to attach buttons to earring posts. When I told my friend that she said, “making dangling ones!” 

Great idea, Jess! :D


The earring wires came with plain metal beads, which I swapped out for other kinds of beads to go with the fabric.

I also don’t have a fabric button maker, so I covered the back of the button with some hand sewing, with a wire hoop sewn in for dangling.


It’s quite a pleasant meditative process actually. I’m hoping to make more. Now whenever I look at fabrics my mind would think: how would that look on a button?

The spring garden brooches were sold out! :D (I only made two, but still.) So I restocked with moon flower brooches. 


I made up that name, moon flower, but I later looked it up and they do exist! I’ve seen them in a park before and called them origami flowers because of the way the petals are folded together. Here’s a video documenting how it unfolds at nighttime. It’s quite magical.

Altogether now :D


Really having fun with this new venture. So grateful for the opportunity! 

Have a happy Wednesday!




this week’s awesome finds


Comfy floor poufs pattern from Pickles.


Make a bunch and we can have a deep sea jelly fish parade! :D Plastic bag jelly fish by Casa Haus


These have made their rounds on pin boards and blogs but they’re so awesome I have to post them again — pinata cookies! Recipe on She Knows.


Pretty self explanatory. By Aunt Peaches.


Not that I have the skills to make them but these are gorgeous! Succulent cupcakes on Pixel Whisk.


Love this simple wallet. By The Purl Bee.


Also from The Purl Bee, a cap sleeve lattice top that maybe I can knit!


A wooden fence glowing with colourful marbles. By Garden Drama.


This is pretty crazy. Pancake art spotted on Curbly.


Have an awesome start to the week!




rice of all shapes and sizes


My friend posted a picture of her lunch box on facebook one day, with onigiri (Japanese rice ball) in it. I asked if she could teach me how to make them when we get together next time, but we both have busy schedules and it was going to be a while before we could get together, so she sent me this video

It seemed doable. So Mike and I set out to make it. We got salted herring and avocado for filling. As you can see, they didn’t turn out perfectly triangular as the video has shown, and the salted herring was really salty, while the rice surrounding it was rather bland. But they were cute! :D


They actually didn’t taste too bad. But I tried to think of ways to improve them. So I boiled the herring and patted them dry beforehand. I also sprinkled salt on my hand while forming the onigiri (I skipped this step in my first attempt even though it was part of the video instruction, because my hands are perpetually dry with occasional tiny cuts and the thought of sprinkling salt on my hands just made me wince… but it wasn’t too bad when I actually did it). And I put a bit more filling into each one. Also, I figured out how to make them “perfectly triangular” like the Misa said in the video — I just needed to put more rice in my hand! 

So, the second attempt!


I brought them to school the other day :D Can’t really see them because they’re wrapped, but they are more triangular! And they tasted much better with the herring being less salty.

Will be making more of them, I’m sure. They’re actually really filling. Perfect for an evening class that stretches over dinner time.

On a separate note, had a lovely evening last night getting together with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time, with a pink velvet cupcake! It was so pretty, I have to share a photo :D


Have an awesome weekend, everyone! :D


summer sewing, episode skirt shirt


I made this from an old skirt that was passed on to me :D

It’s inverted — the hem made the shoulder/neck, and the waist is still the waist.

Actually, the band of fabric around the waist wasn’t in the original skirt. I cut too far below the original waist to avoid the zipper, but that made the shirt too short. So I later sewed on extra fabric to extend its length.

Have a sweet evening!