heart of the sea

Photo 2016-08-20, 1 36 49 PM

I recently went to a millefiori jewelry workshop with a good neighbour, who spotted this Groupon and we jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve always been fascinated by millefiori. I used to be obsessed with making imitation ones with fimo when I was a kid. But I’ve never worked with real glass millefiori canes. So here we are! :D

We didn’t get to make the canes but we used them in kind of a mosaic project, filling pendant bezel trays with pieces of the glass canes.

Photo 2016-08-20, 1 12 59 PM

Aren’t they so pretty?

I decided to use blue and green ones. And I found a heart! :D If it were an artwork, I would call it “heart of the sea”.

Photo 2016-08-20, 1 55 15 PM

The shop owners would then pour epoxy or resin into it to seal all the glass pieces in. We left our pieces there for the resin to set, and picked them up a few days later.

Isn’t this beautiful? I love the air bubbles in it, and the feeling of depth that the epoxy creates.

Photo 2016-08-24, 6 28 31 PM

With my macro lens :D

Photo 2016-08-24, 6 27 04 PM

I think it looks great on a long chain :D

Photo 2016-08-24, 6 43 18 PM

It’s a bit of a trek for me to get to the shop, so while I was there to pick up my project, I went on a small adventure nearby :D pictures to come, stay tuned!

Have a good rest of the week!


this week’s awesome finds

Flamingo summer love :) from Golden Lucy Crafts.

Never too early to start crocheting for cooler weather. Car coat spotted on Ravelry by Brenda Grobler.

They make an excellent birthday gift! From Drawn to DIY.

Cutest thing I’ve seen made with bottle caps. They make great fridge magnets! From WhiMSy Love.

I don’t have a paper cutting machine and cutting these by hand would be quite a challenge, but I love the idea. From The House the Lars Built.

Thinking of making a seat cover with this, the best thing is that even though it looks like they’re flower motifs that are painstakingly sewn together, there’s actually no sewing involved! From MyPicot.

Might give this a try since flipflops are on massive sales at the end of summer! It’s got some nice instructions for preparing the flipflop soles for crochet. Doesn’t include pattern for crocheting the shoe tops, but there are lots of free crochet shoes pattern out there, surely one will work for this. From A Crafty Cook.

A very cute toddler dress pattern by One Dog Woof :D I wonder if it’d work as an adult size top too.

Oddish is my favourite :D Make a garden-full with this cute pattern by Yarnmon!

And maybe hide them at Pokéstops, like Knotty Nicole does :D (via Bored Panda) I don’t play Pokémon Go but if the game starts to include catching crocheted plush I’d be all over it!! Knotty Nicole shares her Pokémon patterns on her Ravelry page.

Have a great week everybody!

it’s not easy being green

Photo 2016-08-06, 3 13 51 PM

It’s actually a really easy pattern, it just reminds me of Kermit’s song :D

I spotted the Kawasaki pattern by Crafty Queens on Ravelry, and I loved the geometric fillet crochet eyelets around the sleeves and the edge of the sweater. It’s a simple and brilliant design, and a very quick make.

I used the “leaf green” of Premier Cotton Fair, because it’s the only DK weight cotton yarn that’s available at my local Michaels and it’s relatively affordable. It turns out to be very soft and smooth, and the finished garment quite breathable, just a bit splitty while working with it, but will definitely use it again.

I wore it to a family function in which I was entrusted with the task of taking pictures of the guests at the photo booth and throughout the event, so I didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the new sweater except in the bathroom. Never have I thought I’d take a bathroom selfie, but this bathroom’s got some retro wallpaper that goes really well with my retro outfit. And if I didn’t tell you that this was a bathroom, you would’ve never guessed, would you? :P

Photo 2016-08-12, 9 55 02 PM

(I also made the skirt a couple of years ago :D)

Closeup of the eyelets on the sweater. Mike’s awesome cousin took this picture of us at the photo booth :D (We made the crepe paper background!)

Photo 2016-08-12, 9 35 16 PM (1)

Have a good week everybody! :D


square cat

Stumbled upon this adorable granny square cat pattern on Instagram by Suregal27 — have to share it! :D

This is the one I made, I love how it looks kind of annoyed, like the way cats often do :D

Photo 2016-07-24, 2 29 50 PM

Now I want to make a bunch of other ones with different fur colours!

If you want to make one too, search for #grannysquarecat on Instagram, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a photo tutorial.

Happy square-cat-making! :D