this week’s awesome finds

Sim­ple, ele­gant sum­mer blouse. Pat­tern from Kok­ka Fab­ric.


The cutest owl baby mit­tens. There is also a chart for Totoro ones! From Lyn­nette Hulse on Rav­el­ry.


The only way I would wear ripped jeans. Cro­chet lace patch by Make & Do Crew.


From A Spoon­ful of Yarn: “In the top you will find three dif­fer­ent cloud shapes: Cumu­lus clouds (those big heaped clouds), cir­rus clouds (thin and whispy) and cir­rocu­mu­lus clouds (small puffy clouds).” Lucky us cloud lovers, it’s free pat­tern! :D


This is so groovy. Avo­ca­do squares from Sprin­kles on Top Nina.


More cute cro­chet food by I Cro­chet Things.


Does­n’t this look like a giant marsh­mal­low? :D Tuto­r­i­al on Cur­bly.

May your week be filled with won­der­ful craftiness!



Over the past month or so I’ve been work­ing on a cou­ple of hand pup­pets using a kit that I bought from my local yarn store. It was my sub­way project. I learned to make bob­bles! I real­ly like the toothy grin of this one. The teeth are crocheted :)

And I fig­ured out how to make tiny spikes with a picot cast-off/edg­ing tuto­r­i­al! Here they are, singing :D

My co-work­er gave me a stone that I think real­ly wants to be an owl, so I helped it along :) Now I think it looks like it’s wear­ing a pink sweater.

I watched a ran­dom video on Insta­gram about cook­ing an egg in a glass in a microwave. It worked for the most part! And it real­ly need­ed a Gude­ta­ma face :P

It’s the lit­tle things :) Have a good week, everyone!


anniversary rose

Mike bought me a small rose plant for our 10th (!!!) wed­ding anniversary. 

The oth­er day I used the handy macro band to take some pho­tos by the win­dow, where the plant is cur­rent­ly liv­ing. Kind of Geor­gia O’Ke­effe-inspired.

When it’s super close up the petals look like they’re made of fine sug­ar crys­tals. Think­ing maybe fram­ing one of these one day.

Have a hap­py weekend!


mid summer plumeria

In an ear­li­er post I talked about try­ing out a dia­mond lace pat­tern for a sum­mer sweater. So it’s final­ly done! 

I used less than one skein of Bernat Hand­i­crafter Cot­ton (large ball, 340g) in Queen Ann’s Lace Ombre. I had start­ed this sweater with the goal of using up the ball of yarn after mak­ing a cou­ple of dish cloths. So I was able to make two dish cloths (one was cro­cheted too! The oth­er knit­ted) AND a sweater out of one ball of yarn. Now, the sweater is of a cropped style and I’m a small per­son, and I did use an extra small skein of pale yel­low for the rib­bing, but still! I was quite hap­py with the ball of yarn :) The strip­ing also worked out quite even­ly with garter stitch. Kind of retro feel.

It’s essen­tial­ly a boat-neck square top. Pret­ty easy to make, and quite com­fort­able, per­fect for mid/late sum­mer evenings, or hang­ing out by the waters where there’s a bit of a breeze. 

This is more of an adap­ta­tion of a pat­tern than an orig­i­nal pat­tern. There is no way I’d have the skills to come up with the dia­mond lace pat­tern. The chart comes from the Dia­mond Girl sweater pat­tern by Red Heart (link­ing to its Rav­el­ry page here, as the direct link to the pat­tern site does­n’t seem to work).

What I used:

One ball of Bernat Hand­i­crafter Cot­ton (large, 340g) in Queen Ann’s Lace Ombre

One skein of Bernat Hand­i­crafter Cot­ton (small, 50g) in Pale Yellow

6mm cir­cu­lar nee­dles (36″)

5mm cir­cu­lar nee­dles (9″ — for sleeves rib­bing and collar)

Tapes­try nee­dle for sewing up seams

Fin­ished size I made: Bust 35″, length 16.5″ (size adjust­ment in ital­ics below)



The instruc­tion below does require know­ing how to read knit­ting charts.

The sweater starts from the bot­tom rib­bing of front piece, knit­ting body up to neck, bind­ing off a num­ber of stitch­es in the cen­tre for col­lar, then in the next row cast­ing on the same num­ber of stitch­es using cable cast on, then con­tin­u­ing down the body of back, end­ing with rib­bing at bot­tom edge. The side seams are then sewn, then col­lar edg­ing and arm­hole rib­bing are worked using small­er cir­cu­lar needles.

What I did:

1. Down­load dia­mond lace chart. (Try fol­low­ing the link on its Rav­el­ry page, or copy and paste the fol­low­ing link in your brows­er. Click­ing on the link itself seems to only open up the Red Heart gen­er­al site, not sure why:

2. With larg­er nee­dles and pale yel­low yarn, cast on 65 st. Work 1x1 rib for 9 rows.

The chart is a 16 st pat­tern repeat, the eas­i­est way to size up would be adding 16 st to cast on = CO 81. 16″=approx. 4.25″ in this gauge. CO 81 would there­fore result in 43.5″ around.

3. Fas­ten off pale yel­low, attach main colour yarn, begin work­ing dia­mond lace chart across. Use knit stitch in every row.

4. Repeat chart 4 times. (or more repeats if you’d like a longer sweater)

5. Next row: knit 12 st, bind off 41 st, knit 12 st. (For larg­er size i.e. CO 81, sug­gest knit 16, bind off 49, knit 16.) 

6. Next row: knit 12 st, cast on 41 st using cable cast on, knit 12 st. (For larg­er size i.e. CO 81, sug­gest knit 16, cast on 49, knit 16.) 

7. Next row: knit every stitch.

8. Next row: begin dia­mond lace pat­tern, repeat pat­tern 4 times. (or more times if you’d like a longer sweater, same num­ber of repeats as the oth­er side of sweater)

9. Fas­ten off main colour, attach pale yel­low, work 1x1 rib­bing for 9 rows. Bind off.

10. Assem­bly: Sew up side seams from bot­tom of sweater to under arm, approx. the length of 2 dia­mond lace pat­tern repeats. (or adjust to your measurement)

11. Sleeves: Turn sweater right side out. Using small­er nee­dles, attach pale yel­low to arm open­ing at under­arm seam, pick up and work 1x1 rib­bing even­ly around arm open­ing, for 6 rows, then bind off. Repeat for the oth­er arm open­ing, ensur­ing the same num­ber of stitch­es on each sleeve.

12. Col­lar: Using small­er nee­dles, attach pale yel­low at cen­tre back of col­lar, pick up and knit even­ly around col­lar. Knit one more row around, bind off.

Weave in all ends, and we’re done! :D

Please feel free to leave a com­ment below if you have any ques­tions or need clar­i­fi­ca­tions! Have a hap­py, crafty week! :D


this week’s awesome finds

A very sophis­ti­cat­ed-look­ing pom pom bun­ny! Also, lov­ing the donut pom pom mak­ers. From Pom Mak­er


This is sim­ply won­der­ful, and it’s a free pat­tern! Won­der Woman Wrap by Caris­sa Brown­ing on Ravelry.


Pat­terns for dif­fer­ent kinds of mush­rooms, felt­ed! From Kathryn Ivy.


Tiny win­dow cat, look­ing out into the world. From Sara Eliz­a­beth Kell­ner on Rav­el­ry.


Bril­liant! Must make one for my back­pack before our trip to Drumheller in the fall. From Pride of Lions.


A sum­mery dish­cloth that reminds me of Wes Ander­son movies. From Knit Picks.


Cozy slip­pers, love the teal heels. From Make & Do Crew.


Fan­tas­tic pineap­ple pil­low pat­tern, by Lit­tle Things Blogged on Hob­by­craft Blog.


Hap­py August! :D