this week’s awesome finds

For something different under the tree, make a glowing igloo village! From Miss Red Fox.


Socks knitted on 2 needles! I’m intrigued by its origami-like construction. From Zoom Yummy.


Sweet mini teacup ornaments, for the tea lovers in our lives. From Thirsty for Tea.


Simply fluffy yarn wreath, from A Beautiful Mess.


Also something different under the tree — a donut tree skirt! And no sew! From Curbly.


A cozy plaid slouchy hat, pattern from Whistle & Ivy.


Cheers! :D





Remembering Kathreen Ricketson, whose blog, Whipup, was one of the first blogs I followed, whose creative energy inspired and motivated me to create, whose generosity and desire to increase exposure for fellow crafters contributed so much to growth of individual artisans and the crafting community as a whole. I’ve had the privilege of exchanging a few emails with Kathreen, when I timidly sent her one of my first tutorials, and she agreed to share it on her widely popular blog. I was so excited, so encouraged by her kind words. My heart weeps over the tragic accident that took the lives of Kathreen and her partner, Rob. An account has been set up for their children, Otilija and Orlando. Details are posted here for those who’d like to contribute.



snowflakes in the air…

Lots of snow over the past week of the holidays. A lovely winter wonderland here in the neighbourhood…


Beautiful snowfall on Christmas day! :D


Some snowflake Christmas cards I made in addition to the Christmas tree ones. They’re made by scribbling on coffee filters with washable markers and then spraying water on them. Super fun, and the effect is quite magical-looking.


Will post more holiday craft photos in 2013, which will be here in just a few days :D Wishing everyone a happy new year!